In letter to Krishna, Kalam slams Amartya Sen

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam’s letter, which he sent to Foreign Minister S M Krishna in July last year, has now come into public domain, slamming Nobel Laureate economist Amartya Sen for forcing him out of his brainchild project of the Nalanda University in Bihar as its first visitor.

He chose not to create a public controversy even while writing to Krishna, that he was upset the way the project was being handled and hence he couldn’t remain associated with it any longer.

He wrote how sad he was at everything going wrong in his dream of reviving a great seat of learning in the Buddhist philosophy and statecraft, as perhaps the first residential international educational institution from 5th to 12th century off Patna, is besmirched with controversies even before it starts any academic courses.

The paragraph reads, “Having been involved in various academic and administrative proceedings of the Nalanda University since August 2007, I believe that the candidates to be selected/appointed to the post of chancellor and vice chancellor should be of extraordinary intellect with academic and management expertise.”

“Both the chancellor and vice chancellor have to personally involve themselves full-time in Bihar, so that a robust and strong international institution is built,” it read.

The ministry of external affairs had taken over the project as an international university, involving 16 ASEAN countries such as China, Japan, Australia, Korea and Thailand, even while Kalam kept insisting that it should better be handled by the human resources development ministry, which has experience in the education field.

The government tried to suppress Kalam’s damning letter as it was taken on record in the meeting of the governing board of the university, but was not made public until a Patna journalist wrote to him to get the truth out.

Kalam felt frustrated with the people at helm of affairs and his resignation was a rebuff to Sen and his protégé Dr Gopa Sabharwal, ‘smuggled’ in as the vice chancellor-designate without his knowledge.

Being chairman of the governing board, Sen’s position is equivalent to chancellor (the university officially has no one as yet).

Having been at Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, Sen viewed Nalanda University through that prism, while Dr Kalam felt sad at finding no efforts to re-enact the glory of ancient Nalanda University in which students from all over East Asia came for studies and had Pandits such as Arya Dev, Silabhadra, Dharmapala, Santarakshita and Chandragomin who spent their lives for the sake of the institution. 

The academics say the fault lies in the government for entrusting the task of reviving to Nalanda University to Sen as a testimony of India’s obsequiousness, despite Kalam repeatedly warning them against it.

Kalam’s letter is also an indictment of Sabharwal, who was just a sociology reader from Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi, who was made the rector/vice chancellor-designate despite academics’ protest that she had nothing to do with the Buddhist studies for which the university is to be set up, and was running it from Delhi.



by KS

Remember those long-staying, TV-remote hogging, serial TV-serial watching distant relatives who used to arrive unannounced when you were a kid. And then stopped you from watching cricket in favour of their crappy TV serial. What were your feelings towards them? Whatever it was, it did not resemble love and affection.  Now replace those crummy, intractable relatives of yore with your school subject of History or Social Sciences. Weren’t your feelings towards History kinda similar? I stake all the contents of  my nearly empty wallet, that at least for the most of you, it was.

However, There is one thing that tops the ‘I hate’ list by a distance

History for most of us, was always a major impediment, an obstacle, an immovable object opposing our unstoppable drive towards knowledge ( Read Maths and Science). Useless questions like  ‘how does Babar’s fun and frolic in 1476 affect my future’ were raised, without an iota of  hope for a definite answer. What we used to get was a growl or a scowl or perhaps both. What we could only do was utter the choicest expletives under our breath, memorize those never ending dates and practice our artistic talents on the unfortunate photographs of the great souls printed in our textbooks.

How will this dead dude help me get ahead in my life?

In our academic pecking order, Maths and Science always figured at the top,  subjects that we had to master. History mostly figured somewhere at the bottom of this list, lower than drawing, craft, value education and even Aayo Naga perhaps. Has our monumental indifference towards History enabled our educationists and academicians to disfigure, hell mutilate..our own history and actually get away with it?

Let me begin this by recalling a small conversation with a tenth grader relative of mine

This is India’s history from that persons point of view

  1. Harappans were the first people in India, and they had a fetish for building abnormally large bath-tubs.
  2. Their asses were then kicked by the some unknown invading Aryans.
  3. Somewhere down the line, Alexander and his badass gang of Greeks came calling.
  4. Chandragupta Maurya with his adviser Chanakya, did some awesome 420giri to take over from the Greeks.
  5. They were then  succeeded by the Guptas who brought the ‘Golden Age’ with them.
  6. Mahmud of Ghazni, however, looted all that gold. He needed a sum total of 17 visits to complete his gold quest.
  7. Mohammad Ghauri followed him with similar intentions, but decided to avoid the trouble and simply stay back. And then he died.
  8. He left his slave Qutub-ud-din Aibak to do all the ruling. His most significant achievement was to build one pointless tower.
  9. Then came a Muslim queen, underlining our credentials in female liberation.
  10. It was then the turn of Tughlaq and his gang of idiots. They moved national capitals around because they hated the weather.
  11. From somewhere, Babar, a descendant of a lame, one eyed king from Central Asia landed in India.
  12. He and his sons, calling themselves Mughals,  ruled India for the next 350 years.
  13. Their party came to an end when Englishmen arrived, redcoats and all, and took a strong fancy to our country.

I am not making the above stuff up. Of course, I might have taken liberties with some of the descriptions, but then this was more-or-less what a tenth grader summarized about pre-British Indian history. I would have appreciated this individuals grasp of Indian history if not for the fact that this version is completely and utterly bullshit.


Peruse that list again, in case you did not read it carefully. Till the advent of the British, how many Indian emperors, kings have been mentioned in the above list? How many of them have been highlighted and glorified in our history despite some seriously awesome stuff they did? Has our History been modified to such an extent that our own ancestors have been left out of out of it?

The one word answer to the last question: YES

If you see, India is one of the very few countries to have a civilization which goes back to about 3000 BC. No other country has this big a history. To put it in perspective, India’s last golden age was in the 6th century BC. Wonder what were the others in the world doing at that time……….

The Angrez

No comments!!


America…What the hell is that?

We are a civilization that was so advanced, that we were actually celebrating our golden age when Brits still hadn’t figured out what ”Being Clothed’ meant and the Americans could have been the name of an opium brand. So isn’t it kinda surprising that only two Indian emperors were considered to be worth remembering by a tenth grader in an eon or so? Would have been humorous, if it wasn’t our civilization. And because it is, it becomes deeply distressing and disturbing.

The Gupta dynasty as a dynasty, ended in about 6th century AD. However, the last meaningful king that our History textbooks bother to mention is Chandragupta II, whose reign ended in 4th Century AD. And then, the scene is fast forwarded to the point where Mohammad Ghauri invaded India in 1191, to start the Delhi Sultanate which would then metamorphose into the Islamic Empire. What does the above line tell you?

It tells you that an average tenth grader actually knows nothing about what happened in India in the intervening period between the Guptas and the Delhi Sultanate (A time period of about 800 years). At least they do not think it was worth remembering. To be fair they are not to blame, especially when you consider our academicians have dedicated ONE  single Chapter in the Seventh standard History textbook, to cover the period when it was Indians who ruled the land..

Yes… ONE CHAPTER, COVERING A PERIOD OF A THOUSAND YEARS ENCOMPASSING THE WHOLE OF THE INDIAN CIVILAZTION. One Chapter from history lessons stretching across the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and the tenth grades of CBSE. One insignificant chapter in over five years of schooling dealing with a period of more than one thousand years.

This is that chapter.. Click on the image if you have the time and patience to revisit your seventh standard History textbook

Now why only one chapter, is known only to the enlightened souls who designed those textbooks. And as a result of either their deliberate oversight or perhaps pure ineptitude, most of the school children do not know have any idea about

The Harsha Empire

This empire was founded by King Harshavardhana. This guy ascended the throne immediately after the Gupta dynasty, at an age when we aren’t allowed to have a driving license or have a drink. He became an emperor at the age of  sixteen in about 606 AD. He went on to capture what is today called North India (Including Kashmir) and Pakistan, His empire at its greatest extent looked something like this

He actually united all these states, something that we struggle to do even today!!!

He fought almost 300 battles in the 41 years he ruled with a win loss ratio that even Novak Djokovic would envy;  299-1. Uniting all these states, I guess was trouble even then.

Not only was he adept as a fighting machine, but actually authored three full length Sanskrit plays Ratnavali, Priyadarsika and Nagananda, while he was busy conquering.  Nagananda especially is considered one of the greatest plays ever written in Sanskrit literature. It is thought to be the first play ever to have five acts where the tone changes midway from Romance to horror and ends with the villain turning into the hero. This guy introduced plot twists and ‘cut to the chase‘ in the 6th century AD. And all of that was probably thought in the middle of a battle.

Amongst Harsha’s other achievements, was that he was the first to abolish Sati as a rule in his kingdom, some 800 years before Raja Ram Mohan Roy was even born. He was a major patron of the Nalanda University, and was the title sponsor of the ramparts around it, for protection from invaders and other pricks. No wonder Nalanda expanded singularly because of this guys patronage.

Harsha was the first King to have ever established a diplomatic relationship with China, with ambassadors and gifts being exchanged in 630 AD. And last but not the least the guy in the pic below lived  in the kingdom of Harsha, and was patronized by this emperor so that he could work on his field of expertise.

This was the guy who went on to INVENT THE ZERO!!!!

Surely Emperor Harsha deserves more than the 10 lines that he currently gets in our history textbook.


The Pala dynasty

This dynasty was founded by Gopala in Bengal in the year 705 AD. This guy was not your run-of-the-mill type of tyrant that were prevalent those days.

Gopala was DEMOCRATICALLY elected by the people of his kingdom. He was theFIRST EVER democratically elected ruler in South Asia, perhaps even Asia and even the world. Giving people right to elect the ruler wasn’t the most fashionable thing those days you know!!!!

Legend goes that people of Bengal at that time were sick of repeated invasions, pillaging and general anarchy. So they got Gopala, the most powerful military dude in their kingdom, anointed him as their king. And boy did he rule! He and his successors ruled for the next 400 years. Yes… 4 centuries in all!

This was their empire at the peak of their power. Purely in terms of square kilometers, it exceeds even the Mughal Empire at its peak. Go figure….

Pala’s other achievements again had something to do with the Nalanda university. In those days, what would a king do if he captured a territory? His intentions would most probably be to rape, loot, pillage, plunder, destroy and disfigure, not necessarily in that order. And what did King Dhanapal do when he captured Nalanda? He adopted it and took it to even greater heights. And then figured one university was probably not enough. So he established the Vikaramashila University as well. These two universities are even today universally acknowledged to be the greatest universities ever in Indian History. One flourished under the Palas, and the other was established by them. And as a footnote, the entire region of Tibet adopted Buddhism because of this guy’s efforts. So the Dalai Lama, in some way, has to thank the Palas for his influence today.

So ruling almost the entire Indian Sub-continent (From Afghanistan to Myanmar), establishing not one but two of the greatest Universities of those times guarantees  you a place in the annals of history as a magnificent king. But then the Palas did not stop at that. They then went on to build the biggest ever Buddhist Vihara or monastery, ever. The Somapura Mahavira consisted of 177 cells for the monks to live with a magnificent stupa in the middle. The entire campus occupied about 30 acres and rivaled the Pyramids for its opulence, but with a fundamental difference. The Somapura Mahavira was actually useful. In those times you couldn’t have been a great Buddhist monk if you hadn’t been to Somapura.

Kicks ass…doesn’t it

Apparently, an archeologist named J.C.French wanted to excavate the site of Somapura, but was refused citing lack of funds. Pretty much the story of the shortchanging of this great empire by our history. They deserve more than the 7 lines they get in our history textbook.


The Chalukyas

Remember the King Harsha you met two paragraphs ago where I told you that he had a battlefield win loss ratio of 299-1? Well,  The Chalukyas were responsible for that ‘one’ is his loss column.

And amongst many other things like inspiring the architecture that you have seen in Hampi, establishing and propagating the Kannada language, they also were the first ones in the world to legalize prostitution.

Poor souls don’t even get a mention in the text book.


The Pallavas

You all know Chalukyas defeated the undefeated king Harsha right. But then shortly afterward,  Pallavas gave a bloody nose to the same empire which had defeated the then undefeated king. Pallavas ruled over the Chalukyas and most of India south of the Narmada for about 150 years.

They single-handedly built the rock-cut temple complex in Mahabalipuram. It is rumoured that half the temples are actually under the sea, so the Mahabalipuram complex is actually way more impressive than what is visible.

And it is in the Pallava kingdom, you have the genesis of the south-asian script or ‘Pallava Grantha’. Whenever and wherever you read Tamil or see it’s alphabets, remember that it had its origins in the Pallava Grantha. Here is a list of all the languages that owe its existence to the Pallava kingdom as their scripts have their root in this grantha

  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Tulu
  • Sinhalese
  • Malay
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Thai

And how many pages does the great Pallava dynasty get in our textbook… u guessed it… ZERO.

and Finally

The Cholas

In a speaking convention, the best speaker is always reserved for the last. In a farwell party for your seniors, the most popular guy is always honoured last. So I am mentioning the most important empire in Pre-Islmic Indian history, which also happens to be the most shortchanged, The Cholas, Last.

Just to give you an idea, the Chola empire, if it existed today would have spanned

  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Myanmar
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Singapore
  • Maldives

Still not able to visualize the expanse of the Chola Empire, Let me help you

Clearly, Cholas did not know what the word small meant.

Cholas were one of the earliest empires in Indian history, with some estimates dating them back to almost 300 B.C. They are even mentioned by Emperor Ashoka in his pillars,  as a friendly empire in the south. Their recorded downfall is in the 1250’s. In pre-medieval India’s highly fluid power equations, the Chola empire was the one and perhaps the only constant.

The good stuff about the Cholas first. I am sure all of you must have heard of the beautiful and the grand temples all over Tamil Nadu. It was the Cholas who added the adjective grand before the temples. The kind of made it a fashion statement to build big temples, covered with intricate carvings, a trend which was essentially followed by his successors transcending empires.

Ever heard of the Brihadeeshwara Temple in Tanjore. It was built by Raja Raja Chola in the 11th century. Let me tell you some quick facts about this place of worship

  • The Shivling in this temple is the largest of its kind,  in the world.
  • The Nandi outside, is, again, the largest in the world.
  • The base of the temple is supposed to be so big, that the shadow of its massive ‘gopuram’ actually does not fall on the ground.
  • The top of the ‘gopuram’ consists of a single granite stone weighing approximately 82 tonnes (82,000 Kgs for those weak in metrics). Now, this being 11th century AD, it was a problem getting that big piece of rock to a height of  63 Metres. So what did the Cholas do?
  • Unsurprisingly they built the world’s largest transport ramp, using some kick-ass trigonometry, which stretched all the way to about 20 Kms, all the way inclining towards the top, which basically allowed the elephants to push the rock all the way up.
  • Once on top, they sent masons to do some intricate carvings on that stone, as if somebody would notice at that height.

No wonder it is called ‘Big’ Temple

Any emperor or empire will consider this piece of art to be the peak of their artistic prowess which will be talked about for generations to come. But Cholas being the Cholas,  weren’t satisfied. Raja Raja’s son Rajendra went on to build an exact replica of this temple at a place called Gangai Konda Cholapuram, near the modern town of Chidambaram.

Two big temples, takes quite a beating doesn’t it. Sadly the second temple is not even mentioned in the history books, anywhere. None outside Tamil Nadu even know about its existence, even today.

And also did I tell you, the Cholas were the first in the world to build a fully functional water diversion/water regulation system in the world. Chola king Karikalan built this 329 feet stone dam over the river Kaveri and a network of canals, in 1st century AD, for water storage and irrigation. So when most of the western world was still eating raw animal flesh, Cholas were building dams, navigable canals and were irrigating 10,00,000 (1 Million) hectares of land in their kingdom.

And before I forget, the system they built is in use even today!!!

I don’t have to tell you whether our historians bothered to mention this thing in our textbook.

In case you think Cholas were your peace loving, violence shying role model Emperors, let me move on to some of  their badass stuff

Cholas pioneered in the 6th century what we today know as the Navy. Use of ships for fighting battles existed, Battle of Salamis was probably the first naval engagement ever recorded, but Cholas took Naval warfare to an entirely new level. They probably were the first ones to make their Navy a totally independent service with its own powers and not the extension of the army as was the norm then. They also were the first to pioneer the concept of building exclusive fighting ships and the first to implement the idea of fleets.

Their ship building program was instituted and ships were designed and built for different purposes. Trap ships (They called themselves ‘Kannis’ which means a ‘virgin’ in Tamil. They even had a sense of humour) to lure the enemies into traps, destroyers to do what their name suggests, supply ships etc were the some of the different types of Chola Naval vessels. Cholas also were one of the first to evolve strategic naval doctrines, advanced ship formations and naval warfare tactics.  They were the first ones to start operating ships in fleets. The smallest fleet in the Chola navy consisted of about 12 ships and the largest went up to 500 or more vessels.

In three words, They kicked ass…

And to match their tactical nous, they augmented their vessels with the then state of the art weaponry, both indigenous and imported from China. Their ships were equipped with catapults and probably the first ship-based flamethrowers. Chola navies were routinely known to annihilate enemies five times their number. The Chola navy, in one line, could be described as

Awesome tactics+Brilliant Ships+Latest Weaponry= Bad news for the enemy

This combination enabled Cholas, to practice the first ever recorded instance of what is today called ‘Gunboat Diplomacy’. Sri Vijaya empire, ruling Cambodia, had the guts to actually sack a Chola Merchant convoy. Cholas responded by taking two fleets of about 500 ships each and obliterating the Sri Vijaya kingdom out of existence.  The neighboring  king of Kambujadesa, terrified of what happened to his colleague, basically folded his hands, bowed his head and sent an ornamental chariot to appease the Cholas and declared them as his rulers. And Cholas didn’t even have to fire a single shot.

It is also believed by some sources, that Cholas because of a navigational error, landed in Sri Lanka by mistake. And just for fun, they went on to capture the entire country. There is no actual proof of this but knowing the Cholas, this is quite possible.

At their peak Chola ships consisted of about 1000-1500 battle ships divided into 4 fleets placed in strategic locations like Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Kaveripoompatinam in Tamil Nadu also known as Poompuhar. They were so powerful that the Chinese actually requested Cholas to stop the rampant piracy in the straits of Malacca. They even merited mentions in dispatches in faraway Greece for their naval expertise.

And they were no mugs on the land either. Recall the Gangai Konda Cholapuram temple built by Rajaendra Cholan? It literally means ‘Subduing of the river Ganges’. He built the city in honour of his march upto the Ganges river.  A south Indian empire stretching from the River Kaveri in the south all the way up to the River Ganga in the North deserves much better treatment in our history books. As one of my friend’s said, if the Cholas had been born in America, DC or Marvel comics would have transformed them into super-heroes with a body of adamantium. Because they were born in India, they get about a quarter page in the text-book.

There were in all a total of 16 Chola kings in the Chola Empire. For all of you who actually read that chapter, you will find only the names of two (Raja Raja Chola and Rajendra Chola) have been mentioned. And all the other kings and important details of their empire have been completely eliminated.

There were other empires too at that time who find next to no mention or even worse no mention at all in our History textbooks. The Rashtrakutas ruling what today will be Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra were singularly responsible for three of the top four tourist destinations in the state of Maharashtra today. I am talking about the Ajanta, Ellora and the Elephanta Caves. A Special mention to the Kailas temple in Ellora which is the world’s largest temple cut out of a single piece of rock.

This whole thing was built out of one single piece of rock!!!

Same was the case with the Yadavas, who built the fort of Devagiri or Daulatabad, made famous later by the idiot Mohammad Bin Tughlaq. You know why he specifically chose Devgiri to move his capital?

It is the only fort in recorded history that hasn’t yet fallen in an open battle. It was captured by Alaudiin Khilji through deceit and bribery, but was not won in a fight. Who built it..The Yadavs? Are they mentioned in the History textbook? If you said ‘No’, You got the answer right.

I am not against the lessons on the Islamic empire and their conquests, brutal as they may have been. They are a part of our history. But my question is, aren’t these emperors and their empires a part of our history too? Haven’t these empires contributed to our way of life, our values and principles more than the Islamic kings have ever done? And by eliminating these kingdoms from our history, aren’t you depriving our generation of this great knowledge?

And by this wholesale deletion, aren’t you mutilating history?

For all of you who have developed a sudden interest in the History of India, I will suggest this mind blowing book. Please buy it, the author deserves it.

Imagine a country called X, a country with a continuous lineage of 5000 years. And it was filthy rich. In fact it was richer than the rest of the world, at that time, put together. And everyone knew that. For the ancient non X, earth dwellers who were not cavemen, X was not a country but an entire freakin continent. And their papyrus scrolls showed it that way.

Rest of Asia, You are not worthy to be on our precious papyrus

Anyways, as what happens to a rich house in a poor locality, all the have-nots in the world, realizing how much wealth was there for the taking, converged onto X. They came in droves, time after time,  to help themselves to the unlimited booty on offer. And after a while (seventeen times), someone just said ‘screw it, let’s settle down in India once and for all’. And in the process they claimed X theirs, by birth.

It was as if a huge guy walked into a house, sat on its sofa, took out a cigar, and said the house belongs to not only him, but his ancestors as well. Without even as much as looking at the original inhabitants. What would or could the poor souls do?

This is my house now amigo…

Whatever they did, it will still be better than what our historians have done.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, Country X is India and the huge guy is an allegory for the various Islamic hordes from regions as far as Mongolia to modern day Kazakhstan. So instead of telling our children who this guy really was and what he really did, we have deified and honoured this invading band of tribes. In fact most of our medieval history is dedicated to these bunch of rear-cracks, for reasons I don’t know. And as our historians lack ’round objects below the abdomen’ to present the true picture of the Islamic rule, let me do the job for them.

India’s first encounter with an Islamic ruler started when a douchebag named Mahmud Of Ghazni landed here in 1004 AD. You might have come across this guy in your textbook as the dude who raided the Somnath Temple, a little over 17 times. However, what our historians have neglected to mention is that this guy did not just raid the Somnath temple, he demolished it every time he came. In fact at one point of time he was so pissed off by our resilience, he massacred about 50,000 Somnath inhabitants, razed the temple to the ground again, smashed the ShivLing made from solid gold into tiny little pieces and then embedded them in the steps of the Jama Masjid back in his home town of Ghazni, so that the people could step on it whilegoing to pray.

Had there been a in the 1st century AD, the first entry for the words evil, horror, despicable and other similar words, would have been Mahmud Of Ghazni.

If evil had a face..This had to be it

And if obliterating one temple was not enough, he also destroyed the temples in Ujjain and Dwarka and sacked them. In fact, in all his invasions he never tried to consolidate his rule in India. All he wanted to do was loot and kill. To sum it up, He came, he saw, he destroyed, he looted, unleashed an evil laugh and went back. In Fact he was so evil and caused so much damage to our country, that our friends in Pakistan named a freakin missile after him, just to harness his India destruction potential.

This was what was left of it after the first launch…

And that he was evil is not something that is being made up. This was what his own biographer had to say

“In the interest of his successors he constructed, in order to weaken the Indian frontier, those roads on which afterwards his son Mahmud marched into India during a period of thirty years and more. God be merciful to both father and son! Mahmud utterly ruined the prosperity of the country, and performed there wonderful exploits, by which the Hindus became like atoms of dust scattered in all directions, and like a tale of old in the mouth of the people. Their scattered remains cherish, of course, the most inveterate aversion towards all Muslims. This is the reason, too, why Hindu sciences have retired far away from those parts of the country conquered by us, and have fled to places which our hand cannot yet reach, to Kashmir, Benares, and other places. And there the antagonism between them and all foreigners receives more and more nourishment both from political and religious sources.”  Source.  

The biographer was executed.

This guy, who will be right up there, in any ‘top 10 evil men of the century’ list, should have been portrayed as the evil version of  the evil Gabbar Singh, a bandit and a mass murderer. Instead our historians admire his persistence and perseverance. And then, we also name a freakin movie after him.

It is like an MBA book, citing the Nazi holocaust as a case study for logistics management. Perseverance, you must be kidding me.

Sacking and razing the great Indian temples was not the only contribution made by Mahmud of Ghazni to our history. He was the guy, who basically showed the desolate regions in central Asia that the unlimited Indian wealth was there for the taking and you just had to turn up. He was the guy who laid the foundation of Islamic rule in India for the next 700 odd years.

And we admire his perseverance.

After Mahmud of Ghazni, all the emperors in the central Asian wilderness were itching to go to India for its limitless wealth. But it took them a 100 years to actually gather up enough men and material to mount another invasion, simultaneously giving Indians time to replenish their treasure stocks. While we were coming back to terms with life, Mahumd Of Ghazni married 9 wives, sired 56 legitimate children and got bitten by a female anophles mosquito and died of Malaria (Never underestimate an angry mosquito). After long years of internal squabbling, Mohammad Ghori (Ghauri) finally ascended the throne of Ghazni in A.D 1178. And promptly attacked India in A.D 1191.

Opposing him this time was the Rajput king, Prithviraj Chauhan, who famouslyeloped with Princess Samyukta, right under the nose of her father, Raja Jaichand of Kanauj.  Mohammad Ghauri, thanks to the lessons learnt from Mahmud of Ghazni, was so overconfident about his impending victory that he was already planning the after victoy pillage party when he came face to face with ‘My profession, hobby, passion and happiness is war’ Prithviraj Chauhan, at Tarain, some 150 Kms from New Delhi.

He got his ass kicked.

He was not just defeated, he was totally routed. In fact, he got his backside kicked so badly, that he was captured by Prithviraj Chauhan whom he begged for mercy. And much to the consternation and objections of his courtiers, (who wanted to chop Ghori’s head off), Chauhan magnanimously spared Ghori’s life and let him return back to Ghazni with his head on his shoulders.

But Ghori, like all other ungrateful wretches, attacked Chauhan again in A.D 1194.

Using some skulduggery and deceit, he somehow manged to defeat Chauhan and his army and captured him alive. He promptly entered Delhi and massacred some 100,000 people combining it with some general pillage and loot thrown in. He then went back to Ghazni, where he executed the man who spared his life three years before. Chauhan was killed with the full knowledge that he had signed his own death warrant.

So according to our Historians

Prithviraj Chauhan, a merciful king, who in a total departure from the general rules of warfare, spares the life of his adversary and under whose aegis, the famous sufi saint Shaikh Salim Chisti was able to establish the famous Ajmer Dargah, is not worthy enough to be mentiond.

While, Mohammad Ghori, an ungrateful wretch, killer of a man who spared his life and 100,000 more, gets more space than Emperor Harsha and Palas put together.Youthink this is travesty, well it only gets worse from here. And yes, Pakistan named another missile after this guy.

Mohammad Ghori, did not have any heir, so he basically carved up his empire among his different Turkish Slaves, with Qutub-ud-Din aibak given the kingdom of India or Hindustan as it was known then. And that started the Delhi Sultanate. Here is a list of the other Delhi Sultanate Rulers

Qutub-Ud-Din Aibak: 1206-1210

Iltutmish: 1210-1236

Razia Sultana: 1236-1240 (Murdered in 1240 because she refused to wear a veil, was secular, tried to appoint a Hindu to an important position and had a relationship with an Abyssinian slave. Resurrected and murdered again by Hema Malini in 1983)

Balban: 1246-1290

—————-End of the Slave Dynasty——————————-

1290-1320 Alauddin Khilji : Was probably the best of the Sultanate kings. No religious porgorms were reported, and there were no widespread massacres in the name of religion. He was also known to restore a defeated king to kingship in exchange for tribute and gold.

However, his general, a eunuch named Malik Kafur, a Rajput who converted to Islam, marched upto Tanjore in the south for some plunder. He negotiated in such a way that he did not have to fight a single battle till he reached his destination. He/She went south as far as Tanjore, desecrating and sacking temples in Srirangam, Madurai and Chidambaram and taking their solid gold idols away, which was his intention. However, it must be said that unlike the Mahmud of Ghazni, nothing was demolished and all the looting happened without the usual accompanying massacres.

It is said that when Kafur returned to New Delhi, he/she returned with 612 Elephants, Twenty Thousand Horses, 96,000 Thousand Nams (Approximately 241 Tonnes) of Gold and the usual countless boxes of jewels and pearls.

And an eunuch in Delhi was never insulted after that.

This was about the last time, there was a sort-of benevolent Delhi Sultan, as most of the time, the term benovelent Delhi Sultan was an oxymoron. Also please remember Alauddin Khalji, for he has a role later on.

1320-1413 — The Tughlughs: World Famous

1414-1451 — The Sayyidis: Another gang

1451- 1526 —- The Lodis: The Last of the Sultans.

—————————————————-End of the Delhi Sultanate——————————

(The only reason why there is a description for Alauddin Khilji is that, he was the only one who was the chip off the block. The rest were almost similar in nature and evilness. To know more about the others, Please read Mahmud Of Ghazni, do a Ctrl C and a Ctrl V)

With all these crackpots, (yes Mohammad Tughlugh included) the Delhi sultanate lumbered along for 300 years, with different kings coming, killing and naming different areas in today’s Delhi (Ferozshah Kotla and Tughlaghabad, after Feroz Shah Tughlagh, Lodi Gardens after Ibrahim Lodi and so on) after them and then mostly, getting killed.

I can go on and on about the not-so-nice details that our historians have skipped in this era, for reasons best known to them, but won’t for reasons of brevity. Please read this book or visit this website, if you want to know more about this period.  However, I will point some of the really big omissions.

Qutub-Ud-Din Aibak is described by the Indian historians as a slave who worked up to be the king. However, he is famous because of of the eponymous ‘Qutub Minar’ in New Delhi. Our historians lavish some unnecessary praise for what is at best a tall building, shaped like a particular part of the male anatomy.

Big deal

This is what the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) plate at the minar says about this totally pointless tower.

‘It is the perfect example of  a minar known to exist anywhere in the world. Thevariegated plan of its three lower stories the projecting balconies with stalactite pendentive brackets and some more mumbo jumbo.’ 

However, what our eminent historians have apparently forgotten to mention or deliberately ignored is, that 27 temples were utterly destroyed and the stones from those very temples were used to build this tower.  And the builders were bloody proud of this fact. So proud, that Aibak and his successors had the gall to inscribe it on the eastern gate of the Qutub complex.

27 temples destroyed for building this ‘thing’ and all our historians do is praise its variegated, pendentic brackets.

Just another thought, isn’t it ironic that most of the areas in our national capital are named after invaders, temple destroyers and who imposed taxes on poor innocents who just happened to be non-Muslims? I doubt any other nation on this planet honours their destroyers in this manner. (America even changed it’s metric system to wash itself off the British influence). Most importantly, nothing is named after the ones who actually did a lot of good for our country.

The Delhi Sultanate, with the exception of Razia Sultana, Balban and Alauddin Khilji,  actually was nothing more than a bunch religious fanatics, who rose to power almost miraculously and then somehow sustained it. However, whatever they did pales in comparison to who followed them, The Mughals.

The name Mughal itself is quite an accident. Genghis Khan, in his many conquests across the length of world, had some fun when he was doing his stuff in Central Asia. The result was a awkward hybrid between Mongol and Persian, which resulted in the name Moghul, which became Mughal. Genghis Khan, gave these guys the right to rule as long as they recognized the superiority of the Khan. All was well, until Genghis Khan died.

Kingdoms those days, especially the central asian ones, were not entirely unlike a bunch of kids in the first standard. Totally quiet till you have a teacher in a class, only to explode the moment teacher leaves. The only difference was, these guys had swords, spears and cannons to settle their disputes.

So amid all the bloodshed and anarchy, there rose a warrior who united them all. And he was lame and he looked like the illegitimate child of the ugliest ogre.

This was apparently his best pic

So lame guy, kills everyone else, captures the capital city of Samarkand and declares himself king. And then attacks, you guessed it right, India.

Attacking and plundering India was like a high point in a Mongol’s life, something you had to do to prove to rest of the world that you were a man. Mongols, before Timur,  repeatedly attacked India, and once almost defeated the then emperor Alauddin Khilji. Which was when Khilji decided that shit had really hit the fan. So the next time Mongols came, he sent the now legendary Malik Kafur after them, who annihilated them in open battle. And just to drive home the message, Khilji had all the prisoners (some 10,000 dudes) trampled by elephants, their heads cut off and displayed as scarecrows outside his fort in Siri.

The Mongols did not come back.

Till Timur the Lame.

When Timur the lame, attacked India in A.D 1398, the Delhi Sultanate was in a total state of anarchy. So he basically had a free pass. Brushing aside whatever little resistance he faced, he got busy doing what was considered his dynasty’s expertise.

There are a 100,000 people in this stadium

Just imagine, every single human in this crowd, speared through the chest, decapacitated and their heads stacked up in a Jenga like formation outside a city. Which was exactly what Timur the lame did.

To discourage resistance or mebbe he just got a kick out of it, Timur killed 100,000 ‘non Musulmáns’, cut their heads off and built a skull-wall outside Delhi. When the terrified Dilliwallahs capitulated, he walked in and killed the rest to the last man, woman and child, excepting the quarter which had ‘saiyids, the ‘ulamá, and other Musulmán’ and went back with another trove of cash, gold and jewels. He also apparently sent out an order that, every soldier in his looting column had to return with at least two severed human heads to show him.

And, how did Timur justify these dastardly acts of violence: ‘Muslim Delhi Sultanate was too tolerant toward its Hindu subjects’. Yes, too tolerant.

Built entirely using Indian money

And the first emperor of the much celebrated by our historians, Mughal Dynasty, Emperor Ẓahīr ad-Dīn Muḥammad Babar was the great great grandson of this murdering wretch. Yes, a direct descendant.

So now you know why the ancestry of the great Mughal empire has been conveniently hidden from us for so long. You don’t want to tell the people that the empire we celebrate the most, and dedicate the maximum space in out history books to, is directly responsible for the most destructive religious and ethnic cleansing ever in Indian history. And as portrayed in our textbooks, Babar did not land in India because he was a great visionary or an emperor. He came here simply because he had nowhere else to go.

He tried to capture Samarkand, in modern day Uzbekistan where he got his ass kicked by the Uzbek king Shaibani Khan. Reduced to a wandering nomad but with the support from the then Persian king, he landed at the gates of India, where to his luck the Lodi’s were in strife. And before you know it, he was the ruler of India. And he had the temerity to claim the throne of India, ‘as his right’.

And he was scary

Babur set about expanding his kingdom, defeating the Rajputs, capturing the fort of Chittor and also is credited with the world’s first execution by firing squad, when he ordered his musketmen to kill the 100000 prisoners of war. His rule was in no way better than the others, as Indian historians potray. He defaced Jain temples in Rajashtan, simply because he could not stand them. And ofcourse he demolished the most famous temple of all, the temple at Ayodhya to build the  eponymous mosque, the Babri Masjid. So Babar is directly responsible for the communal tension in our country today. And our historians, lead by the esteemed Ms Romila Thapar continue to deny this, in face of clear evidence, and as a result we are kept completely in the dark.

On a related note, it is deeply distressing that the most comprehensive work detailing the wanton destruction of temples and massacres perpetrated by the sultanate and their successors comes from a Belgian Historian, Koenraad Elst. Yes a Belgian

The next part  will delve further into the excesses and the occassional benovelence of the Mughals.

Personally, I want these not-so-good things to be expunged from our History for obvious reasons. But when I read successive chapters in Indian history textbooks dedicated to the glorification of these very emperors, I felt I had to bring out the real story. I apologize if I hurt some sentiments, It is not my intention. But I ask

  1. Why glorify the Mughal rule, when it was their ancestor who was the architect of one of the most destructive religious pogroms?
  2. If you are mentioning Ghazni’s 17 incursions and describe him as persistent, why not tell what he actually did those 17 times?
  3. When you credit the Delhi Sultanate for bringing stability to India, why hide their less glorious stuff like forced conversions, wanton looting and‘jiziya’?
  4. Most importantly, Why do you think our countrymen cannot handle the truth?

Ford Foundation’s anti-Hindu point of intersection in India

Radha Rajan

NGOs as tools of containment

NGO activism is a perfectly crafted weapon of containment. Western nations have overtly and covertly funded and rewarded with ‘peace’ and ‘human rights’ awards to individuals and organisations taking up the cause of anti-nationalism, ‘peace’, anti-nuclear programmes, anti-war marches, human rights, religious freedom, environment and a host of issues which can paralyze a government or at least inhibit it from acting as it ought to in the national interest.

This essay critically scrutinizes the activities of some of these individuals and organisations,whose USP is a pathological hatred of Hinduism in all its expressions, to verify if they are contrary to the national interest and Hindu interest. Those thus placed under the scanner include Teesta Setalvad, Praful Bidwai,Achin Vanaik, Martin Macwan, Arundhati Roy, Aruna Roy, Nirmala Deshpande, Angana Chatterji, Akhila Raman, Sandeep Pandey, Raju Rajagopal and Harsh Mander. The NGOs under scrutiny includeFOIL, AID, ActionAid, Parivartan and ASHA.

A common denominator with all these bleeding-heart ‘peaceniks’ is that they all take their cue from the US foreign policy agenda for India and Pakistan and its point of intersection. Domestically they advocate ‘communal harmony’ even in the face of Islamic jihad’s relentless war against Hindus, and promote ‘peace’ with Pakistan despite the fact that Pakistan has stubbornly refused to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure it has set up with state patronage. These worthies continue to insist on a ‘peace’ dialogue with Pakistan despite the fact that every act of jihadi terror around the world has a Pakistani connection and despite the fact that there is neither peace nor harmony between Hindu victims and local Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir. These bleeding-heart activists, like the US, continue to advocate ‘peace’ in utter disregard of Pakistan’s stated objectives vis-a-vis ‘Hindu’ India.

Further, there is complete non-cognizance of the fact that while Christians and Muslims may be waging a war to the finish in different parts of the world, while Catholics and Protestants may be killing each other in Northern Ireland and in fierce competition in the UK and the US, while Shias and Sunnis may be at each other’s throats in Pakistan and the entire Islamic world, while the stated ideology of Communism is to treat all religions as adversaries, they have worked out a Grand Truce in India.

As a result, in India, Christians, Muslims and Communists have forged a powerful anti-Hindu alliance and work in tandem, with powerful support from the US. This anti-Hindu coalition of Marxists, Muslims, Missionaries, Khalistanis and Nehruvian Stalinists displayed its unity most visibly in the name of Coalition Against Genocide (CAG) with the single-point agenda of pressuring the US establishment to deny Narendra Modi a visa to visit the US in April 2005.

There can hardly be doubts on this score. All ‘advocacy’ artists have been rewarded with peace and human rights awards by Western governments and international human rights organisations, almost invariably for taking an anti-Hindu position on political issues. These peace awardees and human rights activists are essentially political activists playing for big stakes. Persons like Martin Macwan, Harsh Mander, Arundhati Roy, Aruna Roy and Sandeep Pandey, no matter how persuasively the de-culturised domestic English media and international community may try to package them, are political activists rather than social workers. Their social activism and peace talk is a front, a mask for the greater war against political Hindus and Hindu nationalism. It makes sense, therefore, that they are anti-military, anti-police, anti-nuclear, anti- Hindu, anti-RSS and anti-Hindu-view-of-history. Each ‘anti’ stance is part of a well-planned battle in the war against the Hindu nation and Indian/Hindu nationalism.

This can be readily discerned when these activists denounce Hindutva and nationalism in the same breath. In their public discourses, speeches and writings, Hindutva is co-terminus with nationalism; they have thus unwittingly strengthened the perception that Hindutva is only Indian nationalism. Hence, when they attack Hindutva and belittle nationalism, these NGOs and activists also deride the nation and national integrity. They condemn Hindu religious and political consciousness in virulent language. No American/Western patronage is forthcoming for nationalism or the Hindu cause, but there is big money and powerful patrons in activism which issues shrill calls for doing away with nationalism and which supports the surrender of territory. There is big money in the politics of minorityism and in issues that serve, intentionally or otherwise, Western and American interests.

All these peace awardees and human rights activists have been feted and wined and dined by the international community (read White Christian nations and their human rights industry) in the years between 1996-2004 when the BJP-led coalition ruled the country, first for 13 days and then for six years. It seems difficult to avoid the conclusion that they were being rewarded for the virulent anti-Hindu and anti-BJP/RSS campaign they spearheaded. They obediently articulated the US-Western position on the status of Jammu and Kashmir, India’s nuclear weapons programme, the politics of minorityism, US State Department views on religious freedom, Dalit rights, women’s rights and human rights, and condoned nuclear apartheid by calling for denuclearising ‘South Asia’ alone.

If evidence is needed of the US NGO- activist link, it can be seen in the fact that the very groups and individuals who raised the pitch on these issues, and pushed the BJP into a corner and made Hindus defensive about their assertion in the polity, were subsequently used by the American State Department to gather information on domestic events to compile its annual reports on human rights and religious freedom. This partnership serves both sides well. The Americans use this group to check and bad-mouth growing Hindu influence in Indian polity and Indian nationalism while American and Western patronage gives these individuals and groups international visibility and legitimacy and access to funds and sponsorship for their political ambitions and NGO activism.

American and Indian Marxist forays into the NGO industry

Nehru and Nehruvian secularism packed the teaching faculties of the country’s premier educational institutions with Marxist and ‘secular’ academicians who shared an anti-Hindu orientation towards the nation’s history and cultural heritage. Not surprisingly, some of the Hindu minds that passed through these institutions were influenced and conditioned by Marxist notions of history and nation.

Raju Rajagopal, Angana Chatterji, Ram Puniyani, Gautam Navlakha, Sandeep Pandey and Vijay Parshad are all of Marxist persuasion and leading NGO industrialists at home and abroad.

A brief account of the American and Marxist foray into the NGO industry accentuates the idea of India being the prestigious and chosen battleground for the two inherently violent and mutually annihilating European philosophies – market-driven capitalism and communism. In the current stage of their neverending war, one of their major battles is being fought out through the agency of NGOs. A noteworthy feature of American sponsorship of anti-Hindu activism is the choice of persons for the Magsaysay awards. Martin Macwan, Sandeep Pandey, Aruna Roy, Nirmala Deshpande and Admiral Ramdas, all anti-Hindu activists, have been awarded the Magsaysay in the years between 2000 and 2004, when the BJP-led NDA Government was in power.

The Magsaysay awards conferred upon Asians is not an Asian award. It is an American award for Asians. The Magsaysay awards in different categories are constituted by the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation and a substantial part of the cash component is funded by the Ford Foundation (FF).

The Indian Left has always been strongly critical of the FF because it believes that the Ford Foundation, which it claims is consciously infiltrated by the CIA, set up shop in India even in Nehru’s time only to avert a very possible communist takeover of the country after Nehru’s death. This, the Marxists hold, the FF set out to do by investing heavily in rural development, in the green revolution and over time in NGOs as part of Ford’s ‘Asset Building and Community Development Program’, which ‘supports efforts to reduce poverty and injustice by helping to build the financial, natural, social, and human assets of low-income individuals and communities’.

The FF New Delhi office webpage claims that ‘at the invitation of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, the Foundation established an office in India in 1952’. In fact, Chester BowlesUS Ambassador to India from 1951, initiated the process. Like the rest of the US foreign policy establishment, Bowles was profoundly shocked at the ‘loss’ of China (i.e., the nationwide coming to power of the communists in 1949). Linked to this was his acute worry at the inability of the Indian army to suppress the communist-led peasant armed struggle in Telangana (1946-51) ‘until the communists themselves changed their programme of violence’. Indian peasants expected that now, with the British Raj gone, their longstanding demand for land to the tiller would be implemented, and that pressure continued everywhere in India even after the withdrawal of the Telangana struggle.

Bowles wrote to Paul Hoffman, then President of FF:

‘The conditions may improve in China while the Indian situation remains stagnant…. If such a contrast developed during the next four or five years, and if the Chinese continued their moderate and boundary…. the growth of communism in India might be very great. The death or retirement of Nehru might then be followed by a chaotic situation out of which another potentially strong communist nation might be born.’

The New Delhi office was soon set up and, according to the Ford Foundation, ‘this was the Foundation’s first program outside the United States, and the New Delhi office remains the largest of its field office operations’. It also covers Nepal and Sri Lanka. Bowles wrote that ‘under the leadership of Douglas Ensminger, the Ford staff in India became closely associated with the Planning Commission which administers the Five-Year Plan. Wherever there was a gap, they filled it, whether it was agricultural, health education or administration. They took over, financed and administered the crucial village-level worker training schools’.

There is a sophisticated and comprehensive strategy worked out in imperialist quarters to harness the forces of voluntary agencies/action groups to their strategic design to penetrate Indian society and influence its course of development. It is the imperialist ruling circles, which have provided through their academic outfits the political and ideological basis for the outlook of a substantial number of these proliferating groups in India. By providing liberal funds to these groups, imperialism has created avenues to directly penetrate vital sections of Indian society and simultaneously use this movement as a vehicle to counter and disrupt the potential of the Left movement. 

The CPI (M) and the Left forces have to take serious note of this arm of imperialist penetration while focusing on the instruments and tactics of imperialism. An ideological offensive to rebut the philosophy propagated by these groups is urgently necessary as it tends to attract petty bourgeois youth imbued with idealism (Prakash Karat in an article in The Marxist, titled Foreign Funding and the Philosophy of Voluntary Organisations, 1988: 2-3).

Indian Marxists nurture a natural and implacable hostility towards the US in general, the FF in particular and their ‘imperialist intentions’ in India. But the communists have learnt two important lessons – one, that the US and other Western nations by funding and supporting NGOs are actually influencing social trends and political and economic policies and, two, the urgent need to start their own flourishing industry in NGO activism which would give their socially disruptive anti-Hindu activism a façade of respectability.

Sandeep Pandey and Aruna Roy are infamous examples of Marxists venturing into NGO activism.Sandeep Pandey’s communist nexus began to unravel when, within months of accepting a Magsaysay award in 2002, he announced to the world that he will be returning the money—the US$ 50,000 component of the award because, he says, having called the US a terrorist state he cannot very well be receiving money from any American organisation. It is obvious now that the communists used Sandeep Pandey to deliver their first punch at the ‘imperialist’ US and the Ford Foundation.

The second punch was delivered soon thereafter and this time the World Social Forum was the context. The Indian communists did to the FF what they claim the FF did to them in the 1950s – hijack the World Social Forum from the Ford Foundation and thus hijack an entire American/European NGO agenda, an entire constituency of NGO activism and its beneficiaries, which had been created and funded by the Ford Foundation, the UN and several North American, European and Scandinavian governments and quasi-government and non-government organisations. This large umbrella coaliation was intended to render hors de combat any communist pretensions for a comeback. The ‘celestial war’ between capitalism and communism is once again gathering momentum and India seems to be their chosen battle ground this time with Hindus who view them both with equal suspicion becoming their combined target.

In keeping with its agenda to thwart the communists of the world from staging any more great communist revolutions in any continent (and the WTO had created a fertile soil for such revolutions even without the Soviet Union to trigger them), the Ford Foundation was one among the major contributors of funds for the World Social Forum which convened for the first time in Porto Alegre in Brazil in 2001. Not surprisingly, the Ford Foundation, which has been accused of being in partnership with the CIA, is now accused of funding the Left.

However, Ford Foundation funding the Left is typical Generic Church war tactic of funding and arming both sides of any war (in Sri Lanka for example) so that no matter who wins or loses in the war, the Church always wins.

For three consecutive years, the World Social Forum held its annual conventions in Porto Alegre and so buoyed up were the organisers with the response that in 2003 alone, they organised the Argentina Social Forum in Buenos Aires, European Social Forum in Florence, Palestine Thematic Forum in RamallahAsian Social Forum in Hyderabad, and African Social Forum in Addis AbabaThe penetration and the takeover of the World Social Forum by the communists of the world was complete by 2003 and, in 2003, the Brazilian Organising Committee and the International Council issued a triumphant war cry deciding to hold the next WSF gathering not in Brazil, but in India.

One of the principal organizing forces behind the Mumbai WSF meet in January 2004 were the two major communist parties of India – the CPI and the CPI(M), and the National Alliance of Peoples’ Movements (NAPM) an umbrella organisation for all NGOs affiliated to these parties or owing allegiance to the communist ideology. And the first decision taken by the Indian Organising Committee was to reject Western sources of funds for the WSF, notably the Ford Foundation. In the words of Lisa Jordan of the FF:

We are not supporting this year’s forum because the Indian Organising Committee (IOC), which represents a comprehensive attempt to bring together a large cross-section of Indian society, includes some groups who have objected to Ford’s activities in India since 1953 – especially support for the Green Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s. They feel that contributions made by the Ford Foundation helped to prevent India from undergoing communist revolution. In the beginning the idea for the WSF in India had been for a very broad funding base with Ford, Britain’s Department for International Development (DFID), the MacArthur Foundation, the European Union and others. But in the end, the IOC chose not to seek funding from any of these.

The NAPM is a conglomerate of anti-Hindu, anti-Nation Indian NGOs whose agendas include:

  • ‘Resolving the Kashmir dispute’.
  • Internationalising the Dalit issue with the slogan ‘Dalit rights as human rights’ to sever the dalits from the Hindu community–Agents: Christian NGOs, and Indian and foreign churches.
  • Propagate the slogan ‘Women’s rights as human rights’ and sever Hindu women from their families and religion – Agents: Marxist and Christian women’s groups and women’s organisations.
  • Education with emphasis on church-run rural and mofussil schools, writing of history and teaching the social sciences from a so-called subaltern, minority and gender perspective.

Nirmala Deshpande and Admiral Ramdas of Pakistan-India People’s Forum For Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD) have already earned their own Magsaysays for dabbling in Kashmir and hard-selling peace with Pakistan, while Sandeep Pandey has original ideas on nationalism and, of course, on the status of Kashmir.

One of the sessions in the WSF in Mumbai 2004 was devoted to the Kashmir issue. And just so we entertain no delusions about the political ambitions of these NGOs and other activists, speakers at the seminar included Ved Bhasin, Chairman of Kashmir Times; Yasin Malik, Chairman of JKLF; Pervez Hoodbhoy, Professor, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad; Balraj Puri, Activist and Writer from Jammu; Kamal Mitra Chenoy, Associate Professor, JNU; Karamat Ali, Director, Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER), Karachi; and Gautam Navlakha, Assistant Editor, Economic and Political Weekly. Incidentally, Gen. Karamat Ali, along with Admiral Ramdas, is one of the luminaries of PIPFPD.

The same group arranged for Martin Macwan, the so-called Dalit Christian from Gujarat sponsored by White American Christian patrons, to speak about untouchability at the Durban conference on racism. This group has succeeded in equating the practice of untouchability with caste, has reduced Hinduism to sati, dowry, caste and untouchability, and has defamed all practising Hindus as being inherently discriminatory towards the ‘lower’ castes and all women. The primary objective of this coalition of Muslims- Missionaries-Marxists-and Nehruvian Secularists is to write history in a manner that places large sections of Hindu society outside the Hindu fold and another important section as aliens who invaded/migrated into the country from the steppes of Central Asia. They hope thus to de-Hinduise the nation by propagating the following theories:

  • Hinduism is Brahminism. The Brahmins are Aryans who are not native to the nation but who first invaded and later migrated into the country, subjugating the native ‘Dravidians’ and the adivasis.
  • Therefore what goes in the name of Hinduism is as alien as Islam and Christianity and so there is no basis to the claim of Hindu nationalists that the life breath of this territory is the Hindu civilisation or a Hindu nation.
  • Dalits and tribals are not Hindus.
  • Modern India was created by the British and it is pluralistic.

The pluralism of this anti-Hindu coalition is not to be interchanged with diversity which is intrinsic only to Hinduism. The concept of pluralism with de-Hinduising the nation as its objective is at the core of all issues they raise and the manner in which they raise it.

(This is an excerpt from the author’s introductory chapter in the book NGOs, Activists and Foreign Funds: Anti-nation Industry, 2006)

Radha Rajan is a Chennai-based political analyst. She is also author and animal activist.

François Gautier demolishes anti-Indian propaganda on Mother’s Day

It was amazing to see during Mother’s Day, the number of stories in Indian newspapers, magazines and TV’s, which strove to demonstrate that life for a Woman in India is the most miserable, the most dangerous, the most deprived, the most unhappy, the most ostracised that one can dream off on this planet.

There was this article in the TOI recently claiming that every year, millions of female foeticides are carried out in India, there was all these statistics on the millions of HIV-infected women, there were numerous articles on girl child marriage, girls’ labour, girl child exploitation and girl sex abuse, rapes and of course the inevitable reviews on Water, a film, which claims that widows are still persecuted in India.

Truth begs to differ

It’s strange, I’ve lived for nearly forty years in India and I have travelled the length and breadth of this country, like very few western correspondents have. I am even in close touch with villages of Tamil Nadu, populated only with OBC’s and Untouchables. And my experience has been totally – but TOTALLY – different. Yes, there are abuses on women in India, there may be some villages in UP or in some remote tribal belts, where female feticide is practiced; yes, women in India work so hard, toiling in the fields, looking after their children, cooking, cleaning, getting up before dawn and sleeping late; yes, men in India tend to drink a lot and sometimes abuse their wives. BUT I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANY OTHER COUNTRY WHERE WOMEN PLAY SUCH AN IMPORTANT ROLE, WHERE SHE IS SO WORSHIPPED, REVERED, PRIZED UPON.

Western correspondents are always keen to do stories on female infanticides in Bihar, child marriages, or sati cases in Rajasthan. But who knows that no nation in the world has granted such an important place to women in its spirituality and social ethos?

“Without Him I exist not, without her I am unmanifest”, says Sri Aurobindo. Thus in India – and it is true that it is often a paradox, as women, because of later Muslim influences, have often been relegated to the background – the feminine concept is a symbol of dynamic realization. She is the eternal Mother, who is all Wisdom, all Compassion, all Force, Beauty and Perfection. It is in this way that since the dawn of times, Hindus have venerated the feminine element under its different manifestations: Makalaxmi, Mahakali, Mahasaraswati, Maheshwari – and even India is feminine: ‘Mother India’.

“She is the consciousness transcending all things, she is the emptiness beyond all emptiness, the smile beyond all smiles, the divine beauty beyond all earthly beauties”.

India has had many great female figures, whether warriors such as the Rani of Jhansi, or saints like Anandamaia dn today Amrita Anandamayi (who by the way comes from the lowest caste strata and is worshipped by millions of upper castes Indians – so much for the caste divide, another favourite whipping horse of India’s enemies). Today, behind all appearances – arranged marriages, submission to men, preference of male children in some rural areas (but girls are loved in India like nowhere in the world) – the role of women in India is essential and it can be safely said that very often, from the poorest to the richest classes,they control –even if behind the scenes – a lot of the family affairs: the education of their children (men in India are often “mama’s boys”), monetary concerns, and men often refer to them for important decisions.

How come then this flurry of statistics on Mother’s Day, which tend to prove the contrary?

Well, if you look closely, you will discover the source of all these statistics. The writer of the TOI piece, claiming millions of female feticides every year, was a Christian working for an NGO, funded by Christian funds (as were many other pieces in leading dailies); there was also a sprinkling of Muslim intellectuals led by Shabana Azmi and her husband, adding their bit about the poor status of women in India and how they are raped, abused and exploited ; The communists, under the banner of Brinda Karat, were not far away in loudly denouncing human rights abuses on women in India; the Congress, joined in the chorus, thereby demeaning themselves as Indians and putting down their own country.

Westerners love to preach India on Human Rights

Countries such as France or the United States, never had a woman as their top leader, whereas India had Indira Gandhi ruling with an iron hand for nearly twenty years; and till recently Sonia Gandhi, a Christian, a Westerner, and just an ordinary MP, is reigning on India like an Empress! The reverse would be absolutely impossible in the West, where there are proportionately less MP’s than India, which is considering earmarking 33% of seats in Parliament for women, a revolution in human history! This shakti concept is so rooted in the subcontinent, that you have had women Prime Ministers, such as Benazir Bhutto or Khaleda Zia, and now Sheikh Hasina, in Islamic countries (Pakistan and Bangladesh) which are predominantly male-controlled in a much stricter way than India.

who is the target of all these attacks on Mother’s Day?

The Hindus, of course, the common enemy to Christians, Muslims and Marxists!

For Christians, Hindus are still all ‘pagans’ to be converted. Please see the letters written to Sonia Gandhi by some of the Christian religious leaders of this country after the anti-Conversion law was voted by the Himachal Pradesh Government.

For Marxists, who believed that religion is the ‘Opium of the people’, Hinduism is the greatest threat to their planned hegemony on India (and on South Asia, as they are propped-up-up the Maoists in poor Nepal, now ravaged by an earthquake. One day they would like to form a Maoist belt from Nepal to Andhra Pradesh, via Bihar. Of course, this Marxist hatred of religion does not apply to Christianity and Islam, who would immediately reply in kind and who are their allies in their war against Hinduism.

Right down from Aurangzeb’s times (see my previous article), Hindus have been looked upon by Muslims as inferior human beings, although it is better to be born a Hindu woman, where one can go with open face, work, have some amount of freedom, than be born as a Muslim woman. Finally, thank God, Water did not get an Oscar, otherwise all Westerners will be certain that widows are persecuted in India, as they are, after the City of Joy, that the whole of India is a vast slum.

Being a proud Bhartiya

When Will Indians start being proud of themselves and their own culture and stop berating themselves and looking down on their own society? This inferiority complex is a legacy of the British, who strove to show themselves as superior and Indian culture as inferior (and inheritor of the ‘White Aryans’, another false theory). India is a vast, complex, often contradictory country, peopled with different races, religions, ethnics… It is normal that there are problems. But women have played and are still playing such an important role in this country, the Shakti concept is such a unique, vibrant, respectful and holy concept, that all Indians, including Indian Christians and Indian Muslims, whose women have somehow benefited from that concept, which seeped into their religion unobtrusively, should be proud of it. Long Live the Indian Woman and her astonishing Grace.
Happy Mother’s Day

Academia as battleground

Foreign academic invasion into our sacred academic portals has been made possible by the active collaboration of our own scholars.

Ye sterday’s editorial in the Hindu, agenda-driven as it is, should come as no surprise to anyone. It is just the latest in a long line of similar pieces that were written slamming the Narendra Modi-led Government’s shake up of the History establishment including the ICHR. Titled History as mythology?, it continues the well-established Marxist tradition of deriding everything noble and positive in Hindu history by consigning them to the handy basket of “mythology.”

And so, it is only in order to lay a few hard facts on the table.

Michael Witzel and Francis Clooney come and go and their conferences, lectures and discussion meetings in India have exposed Indian academe’s vanities and follies. Their visits have their uses only because they pitilessly expose the limitations of the average Indian/Hindu intellectuals to comprehend the end objective of the so-called Indic studies undertaken by the likes of Witzel, Clooney, Doniger and Nussbaum.

Like all invasions, foreign academic invasion into our sacred academic portals has been made possible by the active collaboration of our own scholars who are either partners or beneficiaries of their foreign patrons or just plain ignorant of their larger designs. Tamil and Sanskrit scholars, scholars of epigraphy and linguistics, scholars of Srivaishnavism and Saiva-Siddhanta and big and small historians have all been wined, dined and flattered by white academe with dubious intent.

Western universities and their political cousins, the strategic affairs think-tanks have been transformed into battlegrounds where issues of nationhood and nationalism of former colonies of White Christendom are raised, discussed and disposed of ex-parte. This is yet to be understood by Indian scholars who continue to live and cogitate within sequestered campuses.For those that do step out, a beguiling foreign finger to hold on to is ready and waiting. Soon after they step out, the enticing finger puts a ring around their noses but by then, it is too late for any kind of intellectual independence.

Ideas of our nation, nationhood and nationalism are being settled by foreigners.Indeed,such an academic discourse constitutes the basis not only for the systematic de-Hinduising of our nation by the Nehruvian-secular polity but also for all separatist or insurgent movements inside our country. Some knowledge of the forces influencing geo-political trends is as mandatory for scholars as computer literacy, if only to train them to see the minefields and pitfalls of contemporary academe.

Compulsions of western academe

The end of colonialism marked the end of one significant phase in world history just as post-colonial assertion of old national identities marked the beginning of another phase which is still unfolding and evolving. Such an assertion threatened to cement caste, clan and tribal identities which had suffered erosion under colonial scholarship, academe and education system. This threat caused western academe’s transformation from making brazen interventions through motivated scholarship to manipulate the Indian mind into bulldozing their way into the sacred portals of Hindu religion and its institutions.

Roberto di Nobili, GU Pope, Max Mueller, Macaulay, Eugene Irschick, Michael Witzel, Francis Clooney and several others – scholars all, whose scholarship has provided grist for the profitable mill of subaltern studies, sub-national identities, separatism and de-HinduisingIndian polity. The success of their mission to subvert the nationhood of this Hindu nation through bogus scholarship was hinged to the greed, self-interest and downright villainy of their Indian collaborators.

At the core of western academe’s agenda for India is the intent to delink the basis of nationhood of India’s majority populace from the territory of the nation. This they have attempted to do through an elaborate intellectual charade which has sought refuge in the motivated campaign that there is a multi-disciplinary approach now to history writing. The end result of the collective efforts of western academe and its Indian minions has been to make the following astounding claims –

  • We know that Hindus cite the Rg Veda as the fountainhead of their religion/dharma/way of life; we assert that the Rg Veda was not born on this soil.
  • We know that in historic times, Brahmins were the repositories of all Vedic knowledge but we contend that the Brahmins are the nomads from Central Asia who brought the Rg Veda into this country. Brahmins are the Aryans who invaded/migrated into this country from Central Asia; the corollary is that the non-Brahmin Tamils are the Dravidians on whom this Brahminical religion was imposed.
  • It is our contention that just as the roots of the Muslim religion lie outside this country’s borders, just as the roots of the Christian religion lie outside this country’s borders, so do the roots of the Hindu religion lie outside the country’s borders.
  • We contend therefore that Hindus cannot claim this territory to be their own. Hinduism is as alien to this soil as Islam and Christianity.
  • Hindus cannot claim that the Indus civilization was Vedic civilization because we do not know if the Indus script is Sanskrit; we will never accept any decoding of the script by Hindu scholars which even remotely implies that the people of the Indus civilization were Vedic Hindus; and we will continue to mock and disparage all attempts to hyphenate Saraswati to Indus.
  • We know that Rg.Vedic Sanskrit is different from Kalidasa’s Sanskrit; but we will never allow any Hindu to eventhink that perhaps the Indus script may well be either an even earlier Sanskrit or the earliest script of Rg. Vedic Sanskrit
  • We haven’t conclusively decoded the script but considering the fact that the Rg Veda was brought into this country by wandering nomads, we are certain that the script can at best speak only of mundane, commonplace things – maybe of goats and wives.
  • And to nail any nascent lie that the Indus-Saraswati civilization was Vedic, let us tell you that no horse bone has been excavated from the sites and what you show us as horse bones are actually donkey bones. Until the nomadic Aryans from Central Asia brought the horse, Sanskrit and Rg Veda with them when they invaded India, you had no horses, only donkeys. The Rg Veda speaks of horses and so we declare that the people of the Indus-Saraswati civilization, which had no horses, only donkeys, and which we pre-date to the Rg. Veda, preceded the Hindus.
  • Ergo, Indus-Saraswati sites which belong to this soil are not Vedic, their language is not Sanskrit and the language certainly cannot speak of high philosophy, high astronomy or high mathematics.
  • They cannot speak of exalted things associated with advanced civilizations because we at Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard have settled it as a given that only settled societies practicing agriculture, not wandering nomads, can have civilization. It is completely beside the point thattoday we refer to settled societies doing agriculture, derogatorily as the Third World
  • Hindus take unjustifiable pride for the wealth of exalted knowledge contained in the Rg. Veda. The truth is these Aryan nomads, the later-day Brahmins of settled Hindu society actually picked up all astronomy, mathematics and philosophy along the way as they were nomading across Egypt, Greece, Arabia and the middle and far-east before they thundered into India on horses they bought through barter in Arabia.
  • Therefore there were perhaps one, two or more civilizations on this soil before the nomads decided to settle down and found the Hindu Indus-Saraswati civilization.
  • Speaking of the different books of the Rg. Veda, we declare the chronology to be all wrong. We so declare from the manner by which the Central Asian nomads evolved from possessing just one monosyllable to invoke the divine, to call the wife and also the goat, to coining one word per object. We can therefore tell you that Book 1 of the Rg Veda comes towards the end of the Vedic age (the Hindus had three words by then for the divine, the wife and the goat) while it is actually Book 8 which is the early stage (because the Hindus used ‘om’ for the divine, goat and wife) and Book 32 is actually the middle-stage (because by then while ‘om’ meant only the divine, the Hindus still used the same word for wife and goat)
  • We are using anthropology, archaeology, epigraphy, subaltern history and philology to prove that Veda Vyasa didn’t know how to count and did not know chronology when he decided to give up horse-riding and nomading to sit down to redact the Rg. Veda. Besides, Veda Vyasa had no sense of history because what he wrote, Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford cannot accept to be history. We are also using social and political science to prove that because Rg. Vedic women sang off-key their men did not permit them to sing the Vedas. They even refused to teach them the Vedas so that Hindu women could never chant them even when feminists tempted them and goaded them to sing the vedas. Modern-day male chauvinism was undoubtedly inspired by Rg. Vedic Brahmins.

History as Myth – Western Academe’s self-preserving industry

Western academe has to confront the truth that what goes by the name of white civilization today is a derivative of the white church; if only because after the Christianization of the whole of Europe, the White Church diminished all Anglo-Saxon, Nordic/Scandinavian and Continental pre-Christian religion, Gods, culture and history to merely legends, myth and folklore heroes. The pre-Christian past was denied reality and historicity (as White Christians define history) and was retained as a romantic and nostalgic mythical component of their White identity.

However the White race will not suffer the pangs of crisis of identity, if this component of their past did not survive even as a museum or literary artefact. The White Church has effectively reduced European pre-Christian history to myth and this diminishing has everything to do with national territory and the human soul’s inextricable link with the soil and the sense of belonging to a nation’s soil.

Thus White civilization today is congruent with White Christianity. Their Buckingham Palace, Statue of Liberty, their Da Vinci and Picasso, Descartes and Voltaire, their Smithsonian and World Trade Centre, Albert Hall and Eiffel Tower, Shakespeare, Whitman and Strauss cannot wash away or even hide the ugly history of the march and expansion of the white church across continents, leaving behind it a bloody trail of genocide, slavery, colonialism, rape, plunder, disease, and mindless destruction of everything that was grander and nobler than itself.

“Columbus stands, by this definition, not as Italian, Spaniard, Portuguese or Jew but as the penultimate European of his age, the emblematic personality of all that Europe was, had been and would become in the course of its subsequent expansion across the face of the earth.

As a symbol then, Christopher Columbus vastly transcends himself. He stands before the bar of history and humanity, culpable not only for his deeds on Espanola, but, in spirit at least, for the carnage and cultural obliteration which attended the conquests of Mexico and Peru during the 1500s.

And the ghost of Columbus stood with the British in their wars against the Zulus and various Arab nations, with the United States against the ‘Moros’ of the Philippines, with the French against the peoples of Algeria and Indochina, the Belgians in the Congo, the Dutch in Indonesia. He was there for the Opium Wars and the “secret” bombing of Cambodia, for the systematic slaughter of the indigenous peoples of California during the nineteenth century and of the Mayans in Guatemala during the 1980s. And yes, he was very much present in the corridors of Nazi power.

The Third Reich was, after all, never so much a deviation from as it was a crystallization of the dominant themes – racial supremacism, conquest and genocide – of the European culture Columbus so ably exemplifies.

Nazism was never unique: it was instead only one of an endless succession of “New World Orders” set in motion by the Discovery. It was neither more nor less detestable than the order imposed by Christopher Columbus upon Espanola; 1493 or 1943, they were part of the same irreducible whole.” (A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas, 1492 to the Present by Ward Churchill, City Light Books, San Francisco, 1997, p 92)

Ward Churchill a Native American, along with Vine Deloria Jr. exemplifies a new genre of American scholarship that is beginning to challenge White Christian academe on its own turf. The white church had no native land, no janmabhumi. White Christians therefore cannot claim any land as being their own, on which their religion was born.

Europe was white before it was Christian; America, Africa, Asia and Australia were neither white nor Christian. White became White Christian through a marriage of mutual convenience between the White race and the folklore of Jesus Christ whose reality and historicity is being increasingly questioned in the White world. Not that Jesus’ historicity is of any relevance to the intellectual counter-challenge except to give White Christians a dose of their own medicine of denying historicity to non-Christian religions and their Gods.

The consummation of this marriage produced the White Church which conferred upon White Christians the dubious distinction of being genocidal invaders, occupiers and settlers around the world on territories not theirs.

Nationalism is the umbilical cord of a people binding them in a blood-tie to the soil of their religion. This was the truth that White Church and State-driven western academe had to negate and eventually subvert.

There was no culture that did not derive from the religion of the people and no religion that did not belong to the soil. Which means, all pre-Christian, pre-Islamic and non-Semitic religions understood the limitations of the human brain and worked out the relationship between human beings and the power that created this planet. Some religions called it God, some called it Truth, some called it Consciousness or Supreme Intelligence while yet others called it Spirit. Some religions, like Hinduism went beyond the planet and articulated a breath-taking description of all Creation and the intelligence behind Creation. While Hinduism described Time in terms of ‘yugas’, Hindus also understood and articulated timelessness just as they understood and articulated the still and pregnant state beyond Creation.

The history of European/White civilization is thus congruent with the history of the White Church. Western history and western account of world history is a sordid record of the journeys and wars by which the White Church expanded across continents. As ward Churchill writes, Christopher Columbus is emblematic of the genocidal White Church. Hindus would add Vasco da Gama, Francis Xavier, Alfonso De Albuquerque, Robert Clive and Queen Victoria to the list.

Western academe, originally the offspring of the Church was confronted by the humbling truth that the religion, knowledge, science and technology of White Christians did not yield convincing answers to any fundamental question plaguing humankind nor did they permit the White race to live in peace with other humans and non-human Creation. Even more humbling was the truth that the non-Christian, non-Muslim cultures, religions and peoples they laid waste were far superior in terms of refined religious understanding and scientific and civilisational achievements. The third humbling truth that the white supremacist civilization had to confront was that White Christians had no nation. A nation-less religion was like a man without a home.

The White Church employed three devises to expand, conquer and occupy continents not its own – genocide, slavery and colonialism. When the British colonised India they were confronted by a civilization and a religion that had created wealth beyond belief, its achievements in literature, both sacred and secular, and the arts were magnificent and beyond compare, its people were contented, there was no poverty, no hunger and the most striking thing was the Hindu adherence to a voluntary code of conduct called dharma which governed every aspect of a Hindu’s life.

India’s Hindus posed and continue to pose the biggest doctrinal and empirical challenge to the White Church and its state power. Hindus had a nation, they continued to live in that nation and Hindus had demonstrated their determination to protect their nation from religious invaders and marauders.

White Christians were faced by a people whose innate refinement showed up the White civilization’s immorality, injustice and greed in unpitying light. It was driven home to them that the Hindus were contented to live on their janmabhumi which they held to be punyabhumi and their karmabhumi. Hindus and Hinduism had no desire to conquer and occupy alien nations; Hindus had never conquered territory from greed of wealth or natural resources, never conceived of decimating people with different worldviews and had no use for colonizing territories and nations belonging to other peoples.

Thus, White academe had its work cut out for it. English education and western scholarship on Hindu religion, society and culture had to –

  • Sow discord among the different communities of Hindus
  • Peddle academic theories equalizing Hindus with their invaders on their homeland
  • Inject the poison of discontent
  • Rupture the fabric of social harmony resting on dharma
  • Confine Hindu dharma/religion within the idiom of mono and polytheism
  • Promote monotheism as the supreme virtue and accuse Hindus of polytheism
  • Diminish Hindu history as myth and tell the Hindus that they have no history
  • Peddle the theory that the roots of the Hindu religion lie outside India
  • Thus deny Hindus the comfort of belonging to a timeless nation
  • Render Hindus as nation-less as White Christianity and Islam

Gandhi exemplified the success of western academe’s diabolic intentions. At the peak of his political activism in South Africa, Gandhi admits to the innate nobility of colonialism when he speaks of the purpose of colonialism as being to civilize and lift up the victim nation and its natives from a state of barbarity, ignorance and superstition.

Gandhi also denied historicity to our ithihasas. Thus, the Mahabharata war was not a mega war fought among the Kings of Dwaparayugafor upholding dharma, but an allegory to describe the war between the forces of good and evil inside a person’s mind.

Gandhi, like Columbus was emblematic. By conceding that the British government always raised the status of its conquered and enslaved subjects, and by diminishing the history of the Hindu people to the status of myths and legends, Gandhi became the living proof of the successful intent of western academe. Indeed, getting Gandhi to stand by in helplessness as the nation was vivisected was one of the most stunning victories of western academe. Gandhi was emblematic of the unthinking Hindu who continues to regurgitate western academe’s biased discourse against Hinduism.

Harvard’s Scholarship on the Rg Veda

Harvard is a good example of western academe being a creature of the White Church. Glimpses of Christian History narrates the birth of Harvard University, crediting medieval Christendom for the birth of the concept of universities; the narrative, at the very end implies piously that Harvard was pre-ordained by God. Corollary? The Christian God works through history and establishing universities is integral to God’s bigger plan.

“Universities sprang up in Medieval Christendom. Nothing like them had been seen in history, for not only did they concentrate teachers, they embraced the idea of set coursework whose requirements must be fulfilled before a specific degree was awarded. Students were periodically tested before being certified in their chosen subjects. Universities were modelled on guilds which trained and rated apprentices and journeymen and gathered members for mutual protection. The Christian ideal often tends to clump people together for mutual support in a body.

John Harvard was a wealthy member of the English middle class. The death of most of his family from plague had left him holding the entire Harvard estate. John came to the New World in 1637, apparently to practice his faith in a simpler and more pure style than he felt he could enjoy in the established Church of England. The following year he died of a protracted disease. He willed half his estate and his entire library for the establishment of a college. The prospective school may have received £850, a very large sum by New England standards. God concentrates wealth for a purpose.”


Nothing like that had been seen in history” is typical of the scholarship and reportage about Christendom and by extension, about Hindu India’s history that Harvard supports and propagates; and “John came to the New World in 1637” is polite for the wave after wave of genocides that European Christians perpetrated in North America. A quick look at the list of publications from Harvard University Press informs us of Harvard’s White Christian geo-political predilections.

This is how HUP describes Martha Nussbaum’s book on Hindu nationalism –

“While America is focused on religious militancy and terrorism in the Middle East, democracy has been under siege from religious extremism in another critical part of the world. As Nussbaum reveals in this penetrating look at India today, the forces of the Hindu right pose a disturbing threat to its democratic traditions and secular state. Nussbaum’s long-standing professional relationship with India makes her an excellent guide to its recent history”.

This is routine western academic “discourse” about Hindu nationalism and therefore doesn’t merit further commentary except to take note of the mirthful Martha’s “professional relationship with India.”

Edited and translated by Karl Friedrich Geldner, the Rigveda is the oldest Indian and one of the oldest Indo-European texts. It is a collection of 1,028 hymns addressed to the gods, composed in highly poetic and notoriously difficult Archaic Sanskrit. Medieval Indian commentaries and especially the modern Western scholarship of the past 150 years have increasingly shed more light on its poetry, religion, and ritual as well as on its contemporary meaning. The Rigveda has been translated in scholarly fashion only once during the twentieth century, and that was into German in 1951 by K. F. Geldner. Geldner’s volumes have long been out of print; they are reprinted here in one useful reference volume”.

Harvard has gone to great and painstaking lengths not to mention the word ‘Hindu’ even once in this descriptive paragraph about the Rg Veda. It is doubtful if a similar description of the Torah, the Bible or the Koran, by a non-believer without once mentioning the name of the people for whom these scriptures are sacred, could have been possible. Every word in the description above signals intent.

  • The RgVeda is an Indo-European ‘text’
  • Western scholars of the Rg Veda are modern while Indian commentaries are medieval. “Medieval” comes with a Christian academic baggage because Hindu scholars do not speak of our tradition and heritage in terms of ancient past, medieval times and modern.
  • Harvard is not saying the Rg Veda has several layers of meaning; Harvard is saying it has an ancient meaning, a medieval meaning and contemporary meaning.The meaning of the Rg Veda for horse-riding Central Asian invaders/composers is different from the meaning that our Bhashyakarasput on it and the meaning that modern western scholars like Max Mueller, Geldner and Witzel put on it.
  • Only one worthwhile, scholarly translation of the Rg Veda has been undertaken in the 20th century and that is by a German. Harvard publishes the translation again and passes the baton of western scholarship of the Rg Veda to another German, Michael Witzel.
  • Needless to say, Geldner was the son of a Protestant clergyman

All western academic activity is arranged around the fact that White Christians are a nationless people. America and the Europe cannot live down the brutal history of the White Church. Staring them in the face is the genocide of Native Americans and the contrast presented by the Hindus of India who have lived contentedly in their janmabhumi.

Discourse on Native Americans

We shall proceed to see the diabolic intentions of the US academe on all issues concerning Native Americans. Readers will see the pattern of motivated scholarship that emerges; scholarship intended to propagate the White Christian worldview and world order.

The Puritans had to peddle Euro-American nation building as a noble enterprise, sweeping the invasion and occupation of another nation and the genocide of Native Americans away from sight. This they did by two elaborate charades—scholarly fairy-tale accounts of the numbers of Native Americans in North America prior to Puritan invasion—you Native Americans are not of this soil, you too are from elsewhere.

The most heartening thing in all this is that western academe’s intent to de-nationalise the Hindus and Native Americans is being challenged more and more by native scholars—Ward Churchill and Vine Deloria Jr.,ShrikantTalageri and S Kalyanaraman among many others.

“The choice ultimately is ours. If we elect, sheep-like, to accept the definitions of entities like Harvard University, the Smithsonian Institution, and Newsweek as to what comprises “proper” or “appropriate” recountings of historical fact and meaning, we will merely have consigned ourselves to more of what has already transpired. If, on the other hand, we move to embrace, absorb and extend the kind of work pioneered by Deloria, Grinde, Williams Stannard and Sale, we equip ourselves to change it in a profoundly positive fashion”. (Ward Churchill,A Little Matter of Genocide, p 121)

The “federally-established and maintained” Smithsonian and other ‘entities” as Churchill puts it, disparagingly placed the numbers of Native American peoples in 1492 when Christopher Columbus entered the continent, at one million.

Later, admitting to a “little” error and underestimation by a factor of 100, the Smithsonian upped the number to twomillion. This gross diminishing of the numbers was necessary to transform the horror and immorality of the annihilation of the Native Americans by White Christians into a matter of a “little” genocide.

The bulk died of disease which the White Christians beginning with Christopher Columbus, “inadvertently” passed on to Native Americans who had no immunity from European pathogens. Cotton Mather, the illustrious son of Increase Mather, a Puritan priest and theologian and President Harvard College, gloated, piously of course, over the death by disease of the Native Americans in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

“In describing the consequences of indigenous peoples’ “quarrelsome” attitude about being pushed out of their territory around the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1631, Puritan leader Cotton Mather rejoiced that “God ended the controversy by sending the smallpox among the Indians…who were before that time exceedingly numerous”.(Ward Churchill, A Little Matter of Genocide, p 139) Cotton Mather was the son of Boston’s First Family and a leading intellectual, theologian and academician of the times.

Closely related to this “little” genocide and God-ordained death-by-disease are the attendant academic falsehoods –

  • Much of the continent was uninhabited, which the White Christians occupied, obedient to the will of God, tamed, and put to productive use.
  • Because it was uninhabited and the land was vacant anyway, there is no wrong attached to occupying it.
  • The Native Americans were a barbaric lot given to cannibalism and human sacrifice.
  • White Christians, after diminishing them to convenient and manageable numbers, converted the remaining to Christianity to civilize them and teach them to do an honest day’s work.
  • Until the civilizing influence of White Christianity, Native Americans lived by hunting and “jump-killing” the mastodons and mammoths.
  • So if we are responsible for genocide, well,native Americans are responsible for rendering extinct the precious fauna of North America.

Lest readers think that serious academia is incapable of such incredible research, they must only bring to mind the kind of scholarly research that has gone into the Aryan Invasion Theory, the language of the Rg Veda and the language of the Indus-Saraswati seals.

In what this writer saw as a startling repetition of the Aryan Invasion Theory by which White Christians placed the Brahmins, the Rg Veda and Sanskrit outside national borders, the Smithsonian and other Churchillian entities invented the Bering Strait Theory which put the Native American people outside their national borders to make the point.
“Thus people accepting the idea that outmoded explanations of human evolution have been modified substantially will continue to hold with the Bering Strait Theory even though to do so is a great inconsistency. But another point must be made which requires a chapter of discussion – and that is whether or not the Bering Strait is simply shorthand scientific language for ‘I don’t know, but it sounds good and no one will check’.

Coupled with this belief is the idea that American Indians (‘Native Americans’ because today the name ‘American Indians’ means Americans of Indian origin or PIOs) were not original inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere but latecomers who had barely unpacked before Columbus came knocking on the door. If Indians had arrived only a few centuries earlier, they had no real claim to land that could not be swept away by European discovery. Ales Hrdlicka of the Smithsonian devoted his life to discrediting of any early occupancy of North America and a whole generation of scholars, fearfully following the Master, rejected the claims of their peers rather than offend this powerful scholar”. (Vine Deloria Jr. Red Earth White Lies, Chapter 4, Low Bridge – Everybody Cross, p 68, Fulcrum Publishing Golden, Colorado, 1997)

The Bering Strait is an inter-continental bridge connecting Asia to America. As Deloria puts it scathingly, Native Americans, according to this school of scholarship, waited for low tide and then hopped to America from Asia via this bridge. Now this “bridge” is a land mass the size of a subcontinent which has since the days of the crossing-over, conveniently disappeared under the sea.

Readers must recollect the lost continent of Lemuria which too is an intercontinental landmass, which if it had existed, would have proved yet another of western academe’s de-nationalising-the-Hindus scholarly research.

The sense of rootedness to the soil is a primordial urge and once the White Church expanded God’s domain through genocide, slavery and colonialism, the Church’s flock became a nationless people. The driving objective of western academe is “What is not for me will also not be for you”.

Objective of Western Academe

Today, the Hindus of India and the non-Christian and non-Muslim peoples of Asia alone continue to live on their nation. Citizenship of a non-national country is not the same as nationhood. It is at best living in a rented house or living in a house that has been seized after killing the owner. Western academe has two objectives: to justify the predatory expansion of the White Church and to delegitimize the claim of the indigenous peoples to their national territory and sense of nationhood.

Native American scholars are not only turning the ignoble and blatantly manufactured theses emanating from these portals but are also exposing the politics behind this kind of scholarship.

Scholars like Kalyanaraman and Talageri are undertaking corrective scholarly studies but have not ventured to expose the politics of western academe and their Indian stooges. It may be left to others to strip western academe of its veneer of exalted academic standards to reveal the naked Christian agenda of its research and researchers.

The bulk of academic studies tampering with the sense of Hindu nationhood must be evicted from our own academia. Nation and nationalism, rootedness to the soil and its religion, society and polity deriving from the culture which in turn derives from the religion rooted to the soil are emerging as central concerns in countries threatened by the brazen intrusion of the White Church into their nations and the serious threat posed to Hindus by jihadi Islam.

“At this juncture, the whole planet is locked, figuratively, in a room with the socio-cultural (I would add western academic) equivalent of Hannibal Lecter. An individual of consummate taste and refinement, imbued with indelible grace and charm, he distracts his victims with the brilliance of his intellect, even while honing his blade. He is thus able to dine alone upon their livers, his feast invariably candlelit, accompanied by lofty music and a fine wine. Over and over the ritual is repeated, always hidden, always denied in order that it may be continued. So perfect is Lecter’s pathology that, from the depths of his scorn for the inferiors upon whom he feeds, he advances himself as their sage and therapist, he who is incomparably endowed with the ability to explain their innermost meanings, he professes to be their savior. His success depends upon being embraced and exalted by those upon whom he preys. Ultimately, so long as Lecter is able to retain his mask of omnipotent gentility, he can never be stopped. The spirit of Hannibal Lecter is thus at the core of an expansionist European “civilization” which has reached out to engulf the planet. (Ward Churchill, A Little Matter of Genocide, p 93)

The only way to halt the march of European Civilization is for the natives of every nation to start the process of reclaiming their nations from the Abrahamic religions.

In India, Hindus must begin to not only question motivated west-driven scholarship but also expose the geopolitics behind such scholarship. Iravatham Mahadevan, Pollachi Mahalingam, the University of Madras Departments of Sanskrit and Vaishnavism, Sri Vaishnava scholars, our epigraphists, historians and linguists and those who think the likes of Witzel and Clooney, Doniger and Nussbaum must be defeated in polite academic exchange, must see themselves described by Ward Churchill.

Churchill calls these willing and unwitting allies and useful idiots, the “sympathetic biographer” who attempts to explain Lecter in academic and sublime literary terms. “The biographer thus reveals not only a willing complicity in the subject’s crimes, but a virulent pathology of his or her own. Such is and has always been the relationship of “responsible scholarship” to expansionist Europe and its derivative societies”. (Ward Churchill)

Hindu nationalists and Hindu scholars can learn a thing or two from Ward Churchill, Vine Deloria Jr. and David Stannard about how to conduct ourselves on the cleverly formulated White academic battleground.

Radha Rajan is a Chennai-based political analyst. She is also author and animal activist.

Hindus are on the Hit List

A senior Delhi Police official told me a recently – ‘What you are seeing is only a tip of the iceberg. None of us can really fathom the money and resources put behind this so called attack propaganda. All I will say is that something very ugly is taking shape and Modi has an uphill task as many vested interests feel threatened with India seeming to be growing stronger under his leadership’.

Here is a Christian, Robert Rosario, who will never get invited to fear mongering TV debates that are part of the concerted church agenda to create communal discord and target Hindus. Yes Hindus are on the Hit List.

This is what Robert has to say ‘How much Indian is the church in India? This is a serious question that needs to be asked given the turn of events unfolding every day. The cry of victimhood on one hand, and on the other the bishop claiming that ‘we are Indians’ and the Government of India should ensure our safety. This gives an impression that true Indian Christians are being targeted systematically, which is not a fact.

On the contrary,the church in India is very much unpatriotic and also teaches and preaches the same to its flock. The Church condemns democracy and practices hierarchy.The Bishop appointed by the ‘Roman pontiff’ claims to be the representative of Indian Christians. Over and above that,the bishops of India owe allegiance to the ‘Nuncio’ – the ambassador of Vatican to India, and pledge to ‘obey’ him. Nuncio enjoys Government of India privileges till date. He is neither elected or nominated by Indian Christians. Yet the Nunciohas the audacity to attack the elected government of India on silly instances and imaginary ‘threat perception.’

He is not the only one. Watch these two videos here: 1and 2. Do a cursory research on the Internet to know the filth these conversion factories are indulging in.

It is a fact that missionaries ask Hindus to spit on pictures of their gods, stamp on them with their feet to prove that Jesus is the only God. They teach Hindus to hate everything remotely connected with ‘Hinduism’, not enter their homes, not to eat with them or wear Indian clothes as that is the only way they can be true followers of the ‘Religion of Love’.

These sellers of Jesus use threat, intimidation, violence, hate, bribes… in fact, every imaginable dirty trick in the book to convert Hindus. But a GharWapsi makes the CBCI (Catholic Bishops Conference of India) say – ‘Christians are under attack ever since the Modi government has taken over.

‘Ghar Wapsi is creating a negative image about India, is posing a threat to all Minorities, as it is an attempt to communally polarise and a bid to homogenise India and so Christians need assurance from the Government that they are safe in their motherland.’

So the logical question arises: are these Christians behaving like it’s their ‘motherland’? Or are they treating India as the largest ‘unreached mass of people’ just like a manufacturer targeting his market?

In the video above, this guy says that even Pepsi and Coke have done a better job of marketing than the Church in marketing the Gospel. Are we talking religion or are we talking brands? Is Jesus a corporate logo?

Secular pastors call 300 million Hindus demonic and Hinduism satanic. Demography is changing in most border states. In a matter of a few decades, 80 per cent of Nagaland became Christian. These same secular, Christian people behaved like a mob and marched in Dimapur, many in school uniforms, to ‘deliver justice’ to one they believed was a rapist. Secular murder?

It’s now pertinent to recall the case of State vs Catholic Popes Francis Bergogli et al in which the Chief Prosecutor said, ‘The Catholic Church is the world’s largest corporation and appears to be in collusion with the mafia, governments, police and courts worldwide.’

Indian Christians need to look within

The CBCI claims that Christians are under attack since Modi took over, which is an utter lie. The Evangelical Fellowship of India, in its recently published ‘Persecution Report 2014’says, ‘Violence against Christians picked up in independent India in the early 1990s reaching its peak in 2008–2009 with more than 1,000 incidents of violence and hate crimes reported against the Christian community.’

But then, out of the blue, and a paragraph later, as if on cue, the report says ‘Much of the violence has taken place after the new government of the National Democratic alliance headed by the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, came into power on 26 May, 2014.’

I read the report and couldn’t figure the Modi connection, although throughout the report they liberally blamed him, the RSS and Hindutva. I challenge anyone to show me a case of institutionalized persecution of Christians in India.

The Niyogi Committee Report of 1956 held the activities of Christian missionaries and conversions to be a threat to the Indian state. Later, through the 60s and 70s, many restrictions were put on them by the then Government. Missionaries were asked to leave the country, visas were cancelled, bills on Religious Freedom were passed, and for a while, the conversion business went into a slump as CBCI (Catholic Bishops Conference of India) faced enormous flak. The tainted track record of Christian evangelists is nothing new. So, is that why a storm broke out over Mohan Bhagwat’s justified criticism of Mother Teresa?

In fact, the events unfolding in India are a mere manifestation of a global design. With not all, but most of the traditional missionaries gone since the 70’s, today the ‘Indian Missionary Movement is Hot’ as per Dr. Timothy Tenet from Asbury Theological Seminary who himself has trained many in India for this ‘movement.’Per him,there are over 50,000 Indian missionary workers mainly from South India who are travelling up north to spread the gospel.

South India has already converted well. And due to their amazing work, he estimates that over 100 million in India will be Christians in this generation. He bluntly tells evangelists, in this video, how to work, train, plan, resource and discipline countries like India and China, which constitute one third of the world population. Now China is not easy to deal with, and unlike India, the Nuncio in China does not report to the Vatican but to the Communist Party. So that leaves India as the ripe target.

The conversion business plan for Asia in this millennium is ready with funds, charts, training schools, translations of scriptures, workers and the ‘plan’ has been well articulated by many.

More than a traditional religious war,it’s a geo-political-cultural war by a well-funded and well-armed worldwide missionary network. There has been a sharp decline in the number of church faithfuls across Europe and America. Many lonely churches are being converted to bars, showrooms and museums. This is a huge threat and the church desperately needs the numbers in this survival game.

Yoga and Ayurveda have been giving the Vatican sleepless nights, what with many priests/churches in Europe and US declaring Yoga as Satanic and warning Christians to stay away from it. The only continent left where natives haven’t converted to either Christianity or Islam in a big way is Asia. Now the church won’t dare go into the muslim dominated countries, would it?

But Father, where is the Proof?

Seriously, Father, I can’t see it, I can’t see these ‘attacks’ against Christians and Churches in India Father. Do you realize this behavior of yours is changing India’s view of the average patriotic Indian Christian?

So what is making well-informed people like Admiral Isaac, Valson Thampu, the principal of St Stephens, the top cop Julio Rebeiro, the principal of Sophia’s College and others in red, purple, black and white skulls caps lie and foment hate?

To answer this, let’s try and understand how this Church Agenda of crying wolf, played out in the last couple of months.

‘The Catholic Church is the world’s largest corporation and appears to be in collusion with the mafia, governments, police and courts worldwide.

Three roadside drunkards over a mid-night bet enter a Church in Delhi’s Vikaspuri to steal a petty thing or two. At 8:30 the next morning, a news channel gets the sound bytes:’Father, what happened?’ A gasping father says, ‘Our Church was attacked! This is the fifth Church in six months. There is a pattern to these attacks since Modi took over as PM. Hindu extremist elements are behind this’. The reporter: ‘But father how can you be so sure, without an inquiry?’ Father: ‘I know it!’. Of course the Father would know whodunit.

In 2009, seven Christians attacked a church in Mangalore and planted Saffron flags to defame the Hindus. Of course he would know it. I mean how else do you explain ‘I know it’?

This is the same ‘reasoning’ that is at the core of the doctrine of Christianity and Islam: ‘Mine is the only true religion. And I know it’. Go figure which one really is, but please ask no questions.

Recently, almost all of the 436 mosques in the Central African Republic have been destroyed, in months of vicious fighting between Christians and Muslims to settle that question.

  1. PerDelhi cop CP Bassi, the attacks on the five churches and one Christian school were not ‘communal attacks’ but stray cases of petty thefts, robbery—a Christmas tree caught fire in the Rohini church due to a short circuit, and in Jasola church, the window broke when a kid’s ball accidentally hit it.

Meanwhile 206 Temples, 30 Gurdwaras, and 14 Mosques were vandalized in Delhi in 2014. And 14 Temples, 5 Gurdwaras, 2 Mosques and 1 Church in 2015 till 2Feb. But ask those who wear skull caps and you will be told that Temples are never vandalized or desecrated only Churches are, so Hindus need to be ‘tolerant.’

  1. Dominic Emmanuel, in an interview to Rediff played victim: ‘The rhetoric of the right wing is creating such a situation. FIRs have been filed and the police are investigating the cases. But, we are not happy because they are calling it a robbery in spite of the fact that all the moneyboxes are intact. They are not calling it desecration. They are not calling it communal. They never do that…Christians don’t matter. Our Christmas doesn’t matter’. You see, unless the police toes Father Goebbel’s line, nothing can satisfy him.

Laterhe said, ‘We are feeling very helpless and insecure. Why are we being attacked?’ The same day Sister Lucy, Principal of Holy Child Auxilium said, ‘The school was not vandalized. No religious symbol touched. Rs.8000 were stolen. CCTV cameras were off. No communal angle’.For some, the agenda is set.

5 February, 9.30 am: Word about a protest had already spread via social media with several event pages on FB and Twitter hashtags like #stopacttacksonchurchesand #stopattackingchurches. Frothing and fuming churches all over India blamed Hindus and Modi. Padres appealed to Christians to vote for Arvind Kejriwal. A WhatsApp message by Father Lourduswamy (6B)to his congregation read

‘Ever since the BJP has come to power, there is insecurity among minorities, especially the Christians… It may become difficult for us to practice our faith freely. Please make sure to make the right choice to elect a right Government …’

And, as Tareq Bukhari confirmed, ‘Imam Bukhari declared support to AAP in Jama Masjid during Friday prayers’.

And as if in unison, Barack Obama contributed his bit to the Delhi elections saying ‘Acts of religious intolerance(in India)..would have shamed Gandhi’; this when many American Presidents could be booked for gross crimes against humanity. In 2012 alone, the US had a whopping 293,790 hate crimes, 30,252 property hate-crimes and 263,540 violent hate-crimes (7). So while the U.S. funds Pakistan to unleash Jihadi terrorism and funds Christian Conversion factories to unleash religious extremism on India, Hindus need to be tolerant.

We all know of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Get Modi’ policy thanks to this brilliant piece by Madhav Nalapat. Clearly it’s not Christians but Christian missionaries, NGOs and their illegal activities that are under threat from Modi. So while Obama was under pressure from his Evangelical Theocrats to pressurize the Modi Government into stalling the Anti-Conversion Law, it was amusing to see Christian and Muslim clergy orgasming over Obama’s ill-informed sermon to Hindus. Of course, Hindus need to be tolerant.

Long story short, none of the churches were ‘attacked’ under the Modigovernment. From the PM to the HM to the HRD Minister,everyone personally assured and took steps to ensure the safety of the Christian community. The clairvoyant Archbishop Anil JT Couto whose miraculous third eye saw ‘a clear pattern of orchestrated attacks of churches’ where they were none, later rejoiced at AAP’s victory or should I say BJP’s defeat? Well, thankfully the church non-attacks and the Delhi elections are over. So let’s move to other states…while remaining tolerant.

The ‘Sangh Parivar enjoys raping septuagenarian nuns’

Ranaghat, where the septuagenarian Nun was allegedly raped, falls under the Nadia District in West Bengal.Many localities around Ranaghat, like Begopara are mostly inhabited by Christian converts. Nadia also has a Muslim population of 25.4 per cent, higher than the national average.

As per National Crime Records Bureau data of 2012, West Bengal tops the charts for crimes against women and Nadia (146) gets the third highest position in number of rapes after South 24-Parganas (224) and Murshidabad (174). As per a Home Ministry report, there are 5.2 million Bangladeshis illegally staying in India. In West Bengal alone, there are a staggering 3.2 million. Nadia borders with Bangladesh and crime in that area is rampant.

The Nun’s alleged rape case is a murky story. Some news reports stated that the land Mafia was involved, others said ‘As per church sources, she has been asked to leave Ranaghat and keep quiet, as the culprits belong to same community as hers’. Some said she wasn’t raped at all since the police, West Bengal Government or the church are yet to publish her medical bulletin…and so on.

But as per the police, some Muslims from Bangladesh living illegally in India have now been arrested. The police suspects a church insider is involved in this case.

But for top cops like Julio Ribeiro and hate fomenting clerics, it was an open and shut case. They proclaimed, on cue, that the Sangh Parivar rapes septuagenarian nuns. It is as if they are waiting to read out a photocopied allegation every time such an incident happens.

Serial Crimes of the Clergy

The same church went deafeningly silent when a clergyman in West Bengal was recently caught for repeatedly raping a 16-year-old girl for over a month in a rehabilitation home. This is the same church, whose priests and spokies were the first to brutally character assassinate a 14 year old girl when the serial rapist Father Falcao from Pune, was finally caught. The same church whose priest in Andhra, after raping,burnt alive a minor girlwhen she threatened to inform her parents. The same church whose pastor repeatedly raped a 13 year old in a children’s homein Guntur. The same church whose pastor and two sons,gang raped two minors for six long months. And the same church has ostracized, bribed, threatened and killed Sisters for speaking against sexual crimes committed by the church.

Rape and pedophilia within the church have taken such horrific epidemic form across continents that finally, even the UN was forced to slam the Vatican in its reportstating that the Vatican’s policies allowed priests to rape. Pope Francis told the BBC in 2014 ‘There are cases (of pedophilia/rape by priests) in almost every institution in this land. One in 50 Catholic priests is a pedophile’. Ofcourse, later,he too was found guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children. So I’m guessing the percentage is much higher.

And what about the three Melbourne Churchesset ablaze in as many days? Were they also the handiwork of RSS and Hindutva forces? A report on these fires in, dated 2 April 2015, details a gory history of sexual abuse inflicted on scores of children by notorious paedophile priests for decades.

Under these circumstances, naturally, the first suspect would be the church. Also because the nun was allegedly raped within their premises. Her security was their responsibility. Alas, the proverbial pot calls the kettle black, accusing millions of Hindus under the guidance of Prime Minister Modi, to be potential rapists and communal goons.

That morning when the news broke, my jaw fell hearing some of the communal hatred, provocative lies and open threats being spewed by none less than the Archbishop, the Cardinal, Minority Commission’s Maria Fernandez and other Christian activists.

Why has India’s Minority declared war on the Majority?

  1. Cardinal Cleem is in a Machiavellian exercise par excellence said ‘The country has a responsibility towards every human being, not just cows’. In all his religious finery, he not only mocked the Cow, a symbol of Hindu faith, but also politicized a human tragedy like rape when he implied that Cows, not Nuns are safe in India. Further he warned India ‘this is bad for India’s image globally and bad for the economy’. Of courseIndia’s image is not the church’s responsibility and he has freedom to indulge in baseless propaganda by the grace of Jesus.
  2. Listen also to Sister Ananda, principal of Sophia’s College who compared India under Modi to the Nazi Holocaust on NDTV. She politely forgot to tell us that it was Christians who killed Jews. She forgot to tell us that a Catholic Hitler supported by the Catholic Church was responsible for the Nazi Holocaust.

Since this Ananda lady likes to mislead, let me remind her that the Nazi Holocaust was not the only one the Catholic Church was involved in. Remember theCanadian Holocaust? A deliberate extermination of indigenous people, murder of thousands of children in Indian Residential Schools by the Church? Here are some excerptsof the case:

‘Children were regularly kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered by the Vatican-directed Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult according to over 60 eyewitnesses who since 2011, have testified before the ICLCJ Court. Cardinal Lacroix was a member of Catholic Archbishop Bernard Fellay’s notorious St. Pius X Society. The SSPX, a Catholic cult connected to the Ndrangheta crime syndicate, remained in negotiations with Pope Francis to be readmitted into the Roman Catholic Church.’

‘Documents from Vatican secret archives presented to court clearly indicate that for centuries the Jesuits had a premeditated plan to ritually murder kidnapped newborn babies and then consume their blood,’ the ICLCJ Court Chief Prosecutor told the five international judges and 27 jury members. ‘The plan was born of a twisted notion to derive spiritual power from the lifeblood of the innocent, thereby assuring political stability of the Papacy in Rome. These acts are not only genocidal but systemic and institutionalized in nature. Since at least 1773, they appear to have been performed by the Roman Catholic Church, Jesuits and every Pope.’

Arrest warrants on People v. Bergoglio et all were issued on July 19 2014. Court records would remain sealed for now according to yesterday’s ITCCS press release. The first ICLCJ Court regarded 50,000 missing Canadian native children and ended in Feb. 2013 guilty verdicts for 40 global elites including Queen Elizabeth.’

  1. What prompted Admiral Sushil Kumar Isaac, who was made Chief of Navy Staff during the previous BJP led NDA Government, to make such irresponsible statements, play the Christian persecution card, and shamelessly cast aspersions on the Armed forces? Even 1984 or 1992 couldn’t shake the secular armed forces, but a few stray crimes according to the former Admiral will make ‘the communal virus permeate the forces.’ In 1984, some Sikhs in the Army rebelled but they were quickly disciplined. Admiral Isaac has retired from the Navy but has he also retired from his professed nationalism? Or is he speaking at someone’s behest?
  2. Even the Supreme Court was not spared of the sordid communal angle. Justice Kurian Joseph, objected to the Chief Justices Conference being organized on Good Friday claiming that holding this conference on a national holiday like Good Friday could result in marring the nation’s secular fabric.

The Chief Justice of India explained to Justice Kurian that the Conference is scheduled on Holidays because ‘the CJI and his two senior most colleagues and 24 Chief Justices of high courts will be free from regular court work and be able to contribute to the cause of judiciary. In 2007, we had the judges’ conference on the day of ‘Good Friday’ and in 2009 it was held on the Independence Day, which is a national holiday. In 2004, it was held on Valmiki Day.’

  1. SpeakingLive Law, former Supreme Court Judge Justice K.T.Thomas said that there is nothing wrong in conducting the Conference on Good Friday. ‘There is only one Christian (HC) Chief Justice in India at present. I talked to him. He told me that there is no inconvenience for him to attend the Conference , because he can attend the church service either in the morning or in the evening.. In USA, where the Christian population is 98%, Good Friday is not a holiday.’ Yet sadly Kurian continued to play ‘hurt’.
  2. ‘Christian MPs coming together in a joint front condemn BJP for the increase in attacks since BJP Government ‘reported Times of India. Muslim leaders joined the hate chorusand another journalist called the rape an act of terrorism supported by Mr. Mohan Bhagwat. No stone was left unturned to instigate communal violence. But then in no other country does the media work as perspicuously to demonize its majority, even when every shred of evidence and investigation says that this has nothing to do with Hindus.
  3. If this wasn’t enough, the focus of this Good Friday was ‘persecution’ as declared by Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) and Christian ‘Thought Leader’ Dennis Taraporewale plumbed (he has since deleted his tweet pic) to filthier depths by communalising a case of voyeurism. As per Financial Express, Union Minister Smriti Irani raised an alarm after she spotted a hidden camera at Goa’s Fabindia outlet that was pointed towards the trial room she used while trying out clothes, which led to a case of voyeurism being filed and arrest of four employees. The Goa Crime branch SP Kashyap and the Goa MLA Lobo confirmed ‘When we went through the hard disk and computer to check the recordings we saw everything. All things were getting recorded over there when anybody was changing clothes. From the level of stomach till above everything was getting recorded. This is mischief… Somebody has been watching the recording.’

But you see for the Christian ‘Thought Leader’ it was a case of Christian FabIndia attacked by Hindu BJP in Fascist Goa on Good Friday.’

A Ghar Wapsi that never happened

The Uttar Pradesh Minority Commission’s 2 February report concluded that the Agra Ghar Wapsi where 200 muslims were ‘converted’, for which the opposition stalled the parliament, turned out to be a Ghar Wapsi which never happened. ‘No conversion has taken place in Madhu Nagar on 8 December2014. The people living there are still Muslims and are following Islamic culture and religion’ said Shafi Azmi, spokesperson of the Commission. I fail to understand how the custodians of the Christian Conversion factories, create a hullabaloo over Ghar Wapsi. Isn’t conversion legal in India? Then where is the issue? Mr Ribeiro is no stranger to that, is he?

Yet top cop Julio Rebeiro played victim claiming he is on a hit list because of Ghar Wapsi and RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s statement on Mother Teresa. What did Mr Bhagwat say? ‘People like Mother Teresa did good work and service. But the aim was to convert the poor to Christianity. This kind of service is devalued if conversions are done in the name of service or work,’, he said. Was Ribeiro sleeping when, from Sita Ram Goel to Christopher Hitchens and thousands in-between said the same about the Albanian nun he calls ‘Saint’?The Pope claims the same about the Church: ‘The principal mission of the church is evangelisation’…’The best way to practise charity is to evangelise’. So, MrRibeiro, either Teresa did not follow the basic principles of the church or are you charging the Pope with putting you on a ‘hit list’?

One may or may not like him, but Mr. Mohan Bhagwat runs amongst the largest social organizations in the world with lakhs of members, who work in 54,000 villages, with 1,38,667service projects, but does not evangelise as he doesn’t feel the need to do so. Yet he is attacked and vilified on a weekly basis thanks to self-loathing Indians. For him, its water off the duck’s back.

Mr. Ribeiro speaks of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in a denigrating manner. He says he is ‘threatened’ by those who promote Hindu Rashtra. Well, with a 80% Hindu population, India by default is a Hindu Rashtra. And it is only because it’s a Hindu Rashtra that he, despite belonging to a minority, became a top cop, not likely in a ‘pure’ Christian country. And he forgets that he inherited the ‘parampara of persecution mania’ from the Catholic Church, as his forefathers were born through this persecution, not by Hindus but the Invaders who converted them from Hinduism.

Another Indian Catholic Mrs Hilda Raja (22A) asks Ribeiro ‘We are scandalized by ‘Ghar Vapsi’. What about the Inquisitions held in India in Goa. With so much of baggage how can we point a finger to others and then pretend that we are being victimized and discriminated?’

The baseless hate propaganda against RSS is nothing new. For example, The South India Church of Christ Mission had on 16th May 2014 declared in its letter to supporters :’The RSS has won control of the Central Government through its political party, the BJP….God has made His will known today. We are now beginning the time of the Second Great Persecution of Christ’s church in India this century. The goal once again will be to make India ‘Christian free’…The RSS is the Indian branch of Hitler’s Nazi Party…They are ruthless and driven with a Satanic energy.’

Lies, damn lies and media mischief

In the meantime, bricks were hurled at a church in Mangalore, and everyone screamed ‘Hindutva.’ However, it turned out to be the handiwork of a disgruntled Christian ex-employee.

Similarly in the Panvel church, an incident of minor stone pelting turned out to be an act ofrevenge, as the accused believed that the Church had complained against their gambling den, which led the police to raid it. ButMumbai Archbishop Oswald Gracias who continued with his alarmist rhetoric even after the arrest, probably maintains to the day that the church complained against a gambling den run by Hindutva Forces under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi.

Of course, this is not the first time the Church lobby in India has cried wolf. In 2014, Hindu organizations were accused of murdering Priest KJ Thomas. It turned out to be an insider’s job where three other priests were involved.

Again in 2014, the cross in a Vile Parle Church was desecrated. This one turned out to be the work of a Christian named Agnelo Pereira who did it in a drunken state.

Mangalore, 2009 was the same refrain: ‘Our church has been vandalized. Hindus have done it.’But the fact – seven Christians had vandalized and planted saffron flags to defame Hindus.

Hindus were also blamed in Jhabua MP, 1999, when four nuns were raped. As it turned out, all the 12 rapists were Christians.

And so, the game goes on, with everything given a communal colour and the final blameinvariably, in every single sickening instance, pinned on Hindus.

India must wake up and now

Well, the UPA had its advantages and I could give you a host of numbers to back my claim. I could tell you of the explosion in conversions in Arunachal Pradesh or (undivided) Andhra Pradesh. I could also tell you how the landscape of Tamilnadu has changed within a decade as new churches have sprung up across the state.

Sumedha Sarvadaman

But why do that when I can quote none other thanJohn Dayal who has given a litany of anti-Hindu testimonies in Washington over decades. Here, he himself admits to illegal conversions:

‘More Christians in India than officially counted. The official Census is not the best guide to the number of Christians in India. Anyway, the desegregated Census data on the religion-wise composition of the population is not available after 2001 because the Indian government feels the disclosure of such information will ignite and inflame passions in a society deeply divided in faith and belief identities….No one believed the official figures (2001 Census) that Christians constituted just 2.3 percent of the population. The Catholic Church, Protestant groups and particularly the Pentecostal churches collectively claim a total figure that may be two or three times the official Census numbers.

Statisticians Todd Johnson and Kenneth Ross estimate that India’s Christians constitute 4.8 percent of the population at 58 million, a figure accepted by some academicians such as Chad Bauman, Vice President of the Society for Hindu-Christian Studies in the United States. Jason Mandryk puts the figure even higher, at 71 million, or 5.84 percent of the population, and reports that others estimate it as high as 9 percent.

The Indian Christian population is unevenly distributed. In some states and districts the Christian population is negligible, whereas in others Christians predominate. In the South, Christians constitute 35.5 percent of the population of Kerala, and 19 percent of the population of Tamil Nadu. But the

Irfan Habib still searching for the Saraswati River

Bu t a library shelf filled with contemporary geographical and historical research about the Sindhu-Saraswati [aka] Harappan [aka] IVC has been right under his nose for twenty-five years!

In the 17 April edition of The Hindu, a sarcastically penned article, printed prominently at the top of the page in the Opinion-Comment section, titled “Searching for Saraswati”, was written by the renowned historian, Professor Irfan Habib.

The attached cartoon reminded me of an article I wrote in 2003, titled “Ostriches and Archaeologists”, which discussed the long-standing disputes between a vocal group of Indian historians (formally self-identified as Marxist historians, but since the fall of the USSR, now calling themselves ‘progressives’) versus the Archaeological Survey of India (aka: mainstream Indian archaeologists).

My humorous title, “Ostriches and Archaeologists” reflected the absurdity that archaeologists are digging in the earth to discover historical artifacts, while this group of historians, colleagues of Professor Habib, have their heads buried in the sand refusing to look at the emerging evidence regarding the discovery of the paleo-geographic river bed of the long-dried up Saraswati River, as well condemning as other pre-modern (aka: Medieval) archaeological excavations.

In 2003, I vetted a copy of that article, “Ostriches and Archaeologists” to Professor B. B. Lal, who is often referred to as the father of Indian archaeology. Months later, I visited him at his home and his son who is a pilot and an officer in the Indian air force said to me that he hadn’t realized that his father, an octogenarian scholar, was a revolutionary. I replied with the famous quote, that in times of deceit and cover-up, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.[1]

In my research regarding India’s Social Sciences a dozen years ago, under the heading “Historiography in the Headlines” I noted that there was a vocal group of historians in India, who for decades have used the mainstream media to further their causes, while consistently refusing to look at archaeological evidence. Irfan Habib was among the usual signatories who critiqued not only archaeologists, but their material finds as well.  Even the artifacts were condemned as communal and saffron, if they incidentally lent credence to the ancientness of Dharmic traditions.

Artifacts are not saffron unless they were buried in ochre colored soil for a few thousand years. Facts are not Saffron, unless you are afraid of them and hope to sarcastically trivialize the emerging data, which Habib does like a seasoned pro. Using the reducto ad absurdumfallacy to reduce the argument to the absurd, converting an intellectual debate into a lopsided political one and avoiding the facts by ridiculing the supposed ‘intention’ and source of the dataProfessor Habib’s critique was mostly political with very few historical considerations.

Instead of talking about merits of the case his strategy was to be distracted by side issues, bringing up controversies then changing the topic, and by sleight of word, Habib uses a bait and switch methodology to avoid the real issues at hand.

For reasons tied up with ideological predispositions, there is a group of very vocal historians in India who have staked their professional careers against the research emerging from IVC sites in western India.  These professors fight pitched battles in the media and on the Internet to oppose the very existence, much less the evolving nomenclature of the Sindhu-Saraswati culture. Yet, strangely, despite being supposedly objective academicians, they are operating in complete denial of archaeological and other contemporary scientific data. For some strange reasons that are very detrimental to India’s social sciences, these historians’ minds are closed to dispassionate examination of contemporary historiographical research.

I was professionally embarrassed for Irfan Habib regarding his lack of scholarly research, when thirteen years ago, he made this uniformed comment, “It matters little that the ‘mighty Sarasvati’ supposedly flowing down to the sea through the Desert is a sheer figment of the imagination with no support from geography or geology.” (Outlook February 13, 2002.)  Back then, I wrote: ‘these are very strong words for a respected historian to use when there is overwhelming documented scientific evidence that a huge river did flow in that part of western India 3800 years ago.’ 

More than a decade ago, being thus astonished, I commented that ‘perhaps Professor Habib can be excused for not being up to date in paleo-geology and satellite imaging, or even contemporary research on ancient Indian geographical history, since his specialty is Medieval India, but it is surprising that, being thusly uninformed, he has taken such a strong stand.’

You can well imagine how surprised I am when I witness, more than thirteen years later that Professor Habib has still not updated himself professionally. Yet ironically, he continues to use his valuable time to write op-ed pieces in the popular press condemning his archaeological ‘others’… a sad testament to the sorry state of social sciences and historiography in India.  After reading a random news report about some local water reclamation project in Haryana, Habib based his supposedly academically informed critique entirely on that scant bit of yellow journalism, and due to the dreaded saffron dominance in Haryana, Habib is overtly political in his critique. Facts be damned!

The only professional study to which Habib refers in this article is from the eighties. Whereas in the last thirty years there have been scores of scientifically sound research projects including paleo-geological studies (with chemical analyses of soil samples), geographical studies, climatic studies, satellite imagery and landstat photography, isotope analyses, dozens of excavations by Indian and non-Indian archaeologists that support the hypothesis that there is a dried up riverbed of a great river that ran approximately where the seasonal rivers Ghaggar-Hakra now flow, as can be seen in satellite images. It ran down and around, heading in a southwesterly direction, wandering as rivers do over the millennia, from where it gained strength fed by other rivers, between the Yamuna and Sutlej, just where the ancient Hindu scriptures tell us this river used to run, and as Habib finally concedes in the last two paragraphs of his paper.

Ultimately, 4000 years ago, the legendary Saraswati River dried up due to tectonic activity and climatic changes, first slowly over centuries, forming numerous oxbow lakes before sinking into the sands of Rajasthan and disappearing into the sands of time.

Contrary to Habib’s claim in The Hinduthe Saraswati didn’t emerge from a ditch in Haryana, but as actually mentioned in the article upon which he based his critique, and in countless other documentations, the Saraswati originated in the Himalayas, where it emerged from the “foothills of the Shivaliks in the AdiBadri area” which is between Dharmasala and Simla. Hardly a “nullah” in Haryana!

In fact, recent research of soil samples in the Rann of Kutch and where the Saraswati emptied into the Arabian Sea have found Himalayan sand particles, particular to Uttaranchal in the sedimentary composition. These tests were conducted years after the 1980’s era study cited by Habib in The Hindu.

In Habib’s characterization, he sarcastically suggested the BJP government in Haryana should dig ‘two or three tube wells … to create an official spring.” Habib is confused as to the course of the ancient river. He should actually know this bit of geographic knowledge since he is an Indian historian who continually writes about this issue in the media!  He knows well that the Saraswati ran between the Yamuna and Sutlej as mentioned prominently in the Vedas and other historical Sanskrit texts and has can be seen on a modern Landstat map.

Seemingly, Habib cannot overcome the fact that in contemporary India, there is no roaring and raging Saraswati River running between the Yamuna and Sutlej, where the Saraswati was located. But I urge Professor Habib to visit the area and he would see that even today, the buried courses of the Saraswati still yield sub-surface water in the Rajasthan desert. “This sub-surface water in the desert comes from the Himalayan precipitation that flows through the buried courses of the Saraswati. Since the meagre rainfall (150mm) in the Rajasthan desert cannot contribute substantially to the perennial supply of sub-surface water, it is the quietly flowing Saraswati under the sub-surface of earth that is the source of year-round sub-surface water.” Dr Kar adds, “Field investigation by the researchers confirmed the existence of buried courses of the SaraswatiRiver. It has been found that the areas through which the Saraswati flowed supports lush green vegetation today even during the summer months in the desert. In fact, some wells dug along the buried course of the Saraswati have yielded sweet water only at 30 to 40 metres.” [Quote from: Dr AmalKar, senior geomorphologist at the Central Arid Zone Research Institute (CAZRI) in Jodhpur.]

I urge Professor Habib to visit the area before he condemns it again. He may also see, like the senior geomorphologist at the Central Arid Zone Research Institute, what seems like “a miracle in the Thar desert”! Or maybe it is just an ancient dried up river that still exists in some capacity below ground. Professor Habib may remember that after the dreadful earthquake in Bhuj in 2001, a spring opened up in the desert and clear fresh water flowed for days. There are many such stories across that broad area, from decade to decade, that report the emergence of a spring even after a mild earthquake.

But Professor Habib mocks the whole issue and dismisses the arguments and lumps all the informed and involved scholars into some kind of saffron stew that need not be heeded by the readers of The Hindu. He also seemingly dismisses satellite photography. No wonder for the last five millennia, Hindus thought that the Saraswati River must be mythical since they couldn’t find it on a map. Through the centuries, the popular lore considered that this non-existent, mythical Saraswati River, praised so prominently in the Rg Veda must be an underground river and it was presumed to meet the Ganga and the Yamuna at Prayag, in Professor Habib’s backyard. That old myth of an underground Saraswati has been demolished by contemporary research. A Times News article on June 15, 2002, stated that Habib, who “has written extensively on Saraswati, feels the exercise is a ‘waste of money’.” Then why, decade after decade, does Professor Habib continue to sensationalize the Saraswati and keep on writing ‘historiography in the headlines’ harping on a topic he refuses to research?

Near to the end of his editorial comments in The Hindu, Habib cited Heinrich Zimmer for advocating the concept that the Saraswati is not an independent river but actually another name for the Indus. Heinrich Zimmer, whose excellent books on Indian art were published posthumously by Joseph Campbell passed away in 1943, decades before either the paleo-geological studies or satellite photography revealed the existence of the Saraswati River. [2]

To conclude his tirade directed towards researchers excavating along the banks of the Saraswati River, Professor Habib knowledgably cites the verses in the Rig Veda where the Saraswati is mentioned and other relevant Sanskrit texts, such as the Panchavimsha Brahmana and the Manusmriti, where “Brahmavarta corresponds exactly to Haryana.”

In his final, strangely-worded sentence Habib writes, “From ancient tradition itself we thus have a depiction of the Saraswati that mocks neither geography nor history.” If that is true, why then did Professor Habib write an entire article that mocks the scientists researching the Saraswati River? Why, then, after all these decades didn’t he do his research? He would know that no scholars are trying to ‘stretch’ the Saraswati to pass below Allahabad. Obviously, purposes other than those of reason and common sense are at work guiding Irfan Habib’s perspectives.

Scholars researching the Saraswati River have embraced this relevant quote by Mahatma Gandhi: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Ultimately, research regarding the Saraswati River will continue moving forward and Professor Habib will prattle on in the popular press about saffron artifacts.  The sheer volume of the evidences will win the argument.


[1] That article “Ostriches and Archaeologists” emerged from my PhD dissertation, which was an investigation of historiographical approaches used in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. My dissertation: “Curricula as Destiny: Forging National Identities in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh”, compared secondary Social Studies textbooks in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, three countries with thousands of years of shared history but very different contemporary perspectives of those events.  Among resulting publications: Islamization of Pakistani Social Studies Textbooks, RUPA, New Delhi, 2003. (See this review:

[2] Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization. By Heinrich Zimmer. Edited by Joseph Campbell. (1946)

Yvette Rosser

Separatists have NO right to tell where Kashmiri Pundits should live – VHP

New Delhi, April 9, 2015

Reacting strongly on the separatists threats & tantrums on the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pundits in Kashmir, VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia said, “Since 1947 & then again since 1990, Kashmiri Pundits & Sikhs had been brutally killed & hounded by separatists. The brutality, the attacks on families & snatching of shops / lands of Kashmiri Pundits & Sikhs are still fresh in the memory of Bharat. That was a genocidal ethnic cleansing by the separatists whose warm love for Pakistan is all well known. Such traitors have no right to tell Bharat where Kashmiri Pundits & Sikhs should stay, live & do business! The land that belongs to Bharat. Pro-Pak elements have no right to poke their nose in this matter. Releasing Masharrat Alam, then demanding revoking of AFSPA & then trying to even dictate where the rehabilitation of the Kashmiri Pundits are all orchestrated actions by pro-Pak separatists to repeat 1947 & 1990. Bharat will never allow such Jihadi terrorism.”

Demanding complete protection to every Hindu in entire Jammu & Kashmir state, Dr Togadia further said, “The Union Govt & the J&K State Govt should now come up with a specific & Time – Bound plan to not only just rehabilitate Kashmiri Pundits in the valley but also ensure total safety of their lives, properties & business. 3 generations lost everything that they had so far, over 400000 are living like refugees in their own country – Bharat will not allow any more such losses. Since 1990, over 70,000 people have been killed in terrorism in J&K. Human Rights of Kashmiri Pundits in J&K and those who are forced to settle somewhere else in Bharat must be protected with specific action plan. J&K land belongs to Bharat & never belongs to pro-Pak separatists’ fathers! Such separatists should refrain from interfering in the well-being of Kashmiri Hindus failing which, the rest of Bharat will not stay mum. We also demand that the separatists who oppose & call for ‘Band’ etc against the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pundits, should be immediately arrested & tried in a fast track court on charges of Treason & terrorism.”

Posted By VSK Tamilnadu to Vishwa Samvad Kendra – Tamilnadu at 4/09/2015 10:17:00 PM

Ayodhya and the mass persecution of Hindus

Rohini Verma

Ayodhya,  situated on the   banks of Saryu river,  is one of the most important holy cities for the Hindus.

The other holiest places of the Hindus are Mathura, Haridwar,   Kashi, Kanchi, and Ujjain. These holy cities are believed to be the places that assure the   visitors Moksha or Nirvana. The difference between Ayodhya and other places is that the   Hindus are forbidden from worshipping at the Ram Janam Bhoomi. The disputed site   has been contentious for over a hundred years now.

Maryada Purushottam

Belief in the Hinduism and feeling of strong nationalism have always complemented   each other. The message of Hinduism and life of Lord Rama is nonviolence, patience   and compassion for all living beings. Shri Ram is the seventh avtaar (incarnation) of   Lord Vishnu. Shri Ram is called Maryada Purushottam i.e. an ideal person.

Findings of the excavations

In 1975-80, the Archaeological Survey of India, under the leadership of Prof B. B. Lal,   took up extensive excavations, in different parts of India. The aim of these excavations   was to establish the various sites mentioned in Ramayan. Similar excavations were   undertaken in Ayodhya, including in two places around the Babri structure. The team   established that the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi site was occupied prior to 7th century BC.   There is enough proof of destruction of a mandir in honour of Shri Ram at Ayodhya in   1528. Two pits were dug near the Babri structure. This led to the discovery of bases of   pillars of the destroyed temple. These were aligned in the same direction. The pillars   had distinctive Hindu carvings of the 12th century period. Even the Muslim records   attest to the fact of the destruction. Archaeological excavations by the Archaeological   Survey of India in and around the disputed site in 1970, 1992 and 2003 have indicated a   large ancient complex existed prior to the Babri structure. Another important evidence   is the land revenue records maintained by the British, that have identified the site as   Janmasthan of Lord Ram.

Destruction of temples: “a Ghazi he became”

The Islamic invaders, all over the world, destroyed the indigenous places of worship.   India also faced these barbaric attacks in which thousands of temples were demolished   and thousands of Hindus were killed. When Babur invaded India, he also had religious   ambitions which are clearly shown in his diary called Babur Nama. He says:  “For Islam’s sake, I wandered in the wilds,  Prepared for war with Pagans and Hindus,  Resolved myself to meet the martyr’s death,  Thanks be to God! a Ghazi I became.”  The fact that the Babri structure was named after Babur also points out to the role of   this Islamic invader in the destruction of the temple in 1528. In 1528, the Babri Mosque   was constructed by Babur’s general, Mir Baqi on the orders of Babur after the   demolition of the Ram Mandir. At that time the janambhoomi was controlled by   mahatama Shyamanand.

Cheating the Hindu Guru Mahatama Shyamanand

Mahatama Shyamanand was so famous among masses that even Muslim saints like   Kajal Abbas Musa came to him for learning religion and philosophy. Another Muslim   Faqir Jalal Shah came to mahatama for getting his teachings. But he was a fanatic who   cheated his Hindu Guru and convinced Kajal Abbas Musa that the Ram mandir should   be demolished. Demolition of this temple would have established strong roots of Islam   in India. Both of them first won confidence of Babur. They forcibly started burying dead   Muslims around the Ram janam bhoomi. Finally they got consent of Mir Baqi to   demolish the temple. Mahatama Shyamanand was deeply upset and he immersed idols   of Lord Ram in the Saryu river and went to Himalayas for meditation.

Killings of Pujaris

Four Hindu Pujaris who tried to save the temple were beheaded. A Hindu king Raja   Mahtaab reached Ayodhya with a force of Ram Bhakats. But in the continous fight with   Mughals spreading over many days, all the innocent Hindu Ram Bhakats were killed in   count of Lakhs. After killing Hindus, canons were used to demolish the Ram mandir.   According to the renowned Historian, Cunnigham, almost 1.5 Lakh Hindus were killed   by forces of Mir Baqi. It believed that in place of water, blood of Hindus was used in the   construction of the Masjid.

Killing of ninety thousand Hindus

With in days, a devout Hindu Devideen Panday collected a force of Ram Bhakats and   attacked the masjid. People from far away villages came to take part in this battle of self   respect. Devideen Panday was hit by bricks by the body guard of Mir Baqi. Later Panday   killed the body guard who had hit him. But Mir Baqi attacked the wounded Devideen   Panday and killed him. Ninety thousand Hindus were killed in this battle.

King of Hanswar, Ranvijay Singh fought a battle with Mir Baqi with 25000 Hindus.   After a battle of 10 days, all 25000 Hindus perished in the war. Three thousand Hindu   brave women under the leadership of widow of Ranvijay Singh attacked the masjid. But   this time too the Mughal forces defeated Hindus.  Swami Balramchari formed a force of Hindus and attacked the masjid 20 times. Around   15 times he captured janambhoomi but this control lasted for little time. Due to   continued and long wars Swami Balramchari’s health started deteriorating and he died.

Formation of a small chabootra under reign of Akbar

Akbar formed a small temple/chabootra for worship at Janambhoomi. That was his   political policy to maintain a control over Hindus.

Massacre of Hindus by Aurangzeb

When Aurangzeb captured power, he attacked Ayodhya multiple times and demolished   many temples and idols. During his reign, in 1640, Baba Vaishnav Das fought a battle   against Mughal general Janbaj Khan. A separate force of sages and saints joined the   Hindu force and defeated the Mughal Force. This way, the temple made under the rule   of Akbar was protected.

In 1660, Aurangzeb sent another force under Sayyad Hasan Ali. He fought the combined   force of Hindus and Sikhs under the Guru Gobind Singh. Mughals were defeated and   the Mughal general was killed.

In 1664, Mughal forces again attacked and killed more than 10000 Hindus. Many   battles continued even after this battle. The chabootra or the temple destroyed by Aurangzeb was rebuilt.

In 1858

Hindu leader Baba Ramcharan Das tried to capture the janam bhoomi but he was hanged by the British. The tree on which he was hanged, was cut by the British so that it does not become a shrine for Hindus. Wherever Muslims demolished the Hindu structures, new Islamic buildings were made on the ruins of the   Hindu buildings to give a political message that the Hindus have been conquered by the   Muslims.

Proof of demolition in Babur Nama

In the English translation of the Persian Babur Nama, Annete Beveridge mentions   specifically the destruction of the temple. She says that Babur was impressed with the   dignity and sanctity of the ancient Hindu temple at the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi. As an   obedient follower of Mohammed, Babur regarded the substitution of the temple by a   mosque as a dutiful and worthy action. So demolition was done to spread Islam. The   Babri Masjid was a monument of the slavery and subjugation of the Hindus. When the   temple was demolished, its construction matter was used in building the mosque.

Demand of only the important sites

The Hindus are not asking for the thousands of the vandalised sites, but only the most   important to them.  Prior to 1947, there have been a total of 77 recorded attempts to   wrest the control of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi from the clutches of Islam. The first   recorded communal clashes over the site date back to 1853. In 1859 the colonial British   administration put a fence around the site, denominating separate areas of worship for   Hindus and Muslims. The Mahants were allowed to construct a raised platform in front   of the mosque – the chabootra – to commemorate the birthplace of Ram. A grill fence   was raised between the space of the mosque and that of the mandir.

Sacrifice of a cow and appearance of idols of Shri Ram

In 1934, clashes occurred on Id-ul Zuha day, when, following the sacrifice of a cow, the   Bairagis of Hanuman Garhi took over the mosque and destroyed two of the domes. But   any further action was stopped by government forces.

In December 1949, the idols of   Shri Ram and Sita appeared in the Babri structure. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru   ordered that the idols be removed, but the court restrained the order and allowed the   puja to continue.

In 1986 a district judge ordered the gates of the mosque to be opened   after almost five decades and allowed Hindus to worship inside the disputed structure.   The Court declined the removal of the idols and prohibited Muslims within 200 feet of   the idols. In February 1986, on court orders the locks at the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi   were removed. In effect, the mosque was shut down.

During the prime ministership of V   P Singh, Chandrashekar, and Narsimha Rao great efforts were made to recover the   complete site. But all the Prime ministers lacked the political will to do so due to vote   bank politics. They would have lost the Muslim votes if they had taken any pro-Hindu   step. The practice of secularism in this country means that Hindu sentiments are not to   be considered.

Movement for temple

The movement for temple was launched in 1984 by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad to   reclaim the site for Hindus by erecting a temple dedicated to the infant Rama   (Ramlalla), at this spot. The former Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, had said   that the construction of a temple at the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi is an expression of the   national sentiment. The site belongs to the Hindus. The Babri structure that stood there   cannot be considered to be a place of worship. It was a political monument to remind   the Hindus that they were slaves. The Hindus have made many sincere efforts to find a   peaceful solution to the problem, through negotiations.

What happened on December 6,   1992, was an expression of the Hindu frustration at being denied what legitimately   belongs to them.

Babri masjid was not a masjid as per Islamic law:  According to Islam, for a mosque to be declared as mosque, it is necessary that the five   daily prayers are offered on a place on a permanent basis. Records show that since the   mid-1930s, Muslims stopped offering namaz at the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi site. This   argument points to the fact that it was a structure associated with Muslims but was not a   mosque as per Islamic law. At the same time, Hindu worship at Ram Chabootra and   Sita-ki-Rasoi, which existed within the Babri structure compound, has been   continuously going on from the late 16th century. Since December 1949, Hindus started   to offer pujas to Ram Lalla within the structure. This worship at the spot continues even   to this day, with the full sanction of the judiciary.

Role of Mulayam Singh in killing innocent Hindus:  The foundation stone of the temple was laid on November 10, 1989. In 1990, the then   BJP president Lal Krishna Advani took out a cross-country rathyatra to garner support   for the move to build a Ram temple at the site. Almost 200,000 villages sent bricks,   300,000 pujas of the Ram Shilas were performed and altogether about 100 million   people attended the various processions that carried the bricks to and from Ayodhya.    Prime Minister Chandrashekhar intervened and tried to negotiate with the various   groups but talks failed. So called secular forces had decided to stop the movement. The   then U.P. government used extreme force to stop the karsevaks. On Nov.2, 1990 the   Hindu karsevaks were brutally killed in the police firing. This killing of unarmed   innocent Hindus was done on the orders of the then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh:   Mulayam Singh Yadav. The dead bodies of killed Hindus were thrown in Saryu river.   Hindus were dragged out of their homes and were killed.

The religious feelings took the   shape of a mass movement and the symbol of subjugation was brought to ground on   Dec. 6, 1992. It is to be noted that in the process of demolition, no Musliim was killed or   targeted. A very serious riot broke out in Bijnor in 1990. Curfew had to be imposed for   ten days. Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav gave a speech on October 9, in which he   promised to protect Muslims from any activities of Hindus. There were arrests of   karsevaks who were subsequently imprisoned in Bijnor.

On October 30, when the BBC   announced that the VHP had hoisted its flag on the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, Hindu   victory processions marched in Bijnor. They were stoned by Muslims, leading to   widespread rioting. In all the cases of murders of Hindus, no Muslim was prosecuted.

Bombay Blasts and killings of Hindus

After the demolition of the masjid, there were Bombay blasts in 1993 to avenge the   demolition. The blasts took place in Hindu majority areas. In all the riots following the   demolition, Hindus were killed, their businesses and shops were burnt. No prosecution   was done of any Muslim. Mumbai witnessed two spells of rioting from December 6 to   12, 1992, and then from January 7 to 16, 1993. In Pakistan too, various temples were   demolished and minority Hindus were persecuted.

What is true secularism in India?

Whenever such incident happens in any country there is a mass killing or genocide of   one community by the majority community. On the other hand, the Hindus only   demolished the masjid that was illegally made. No Muslims were attacked or killed. It is   in India that secularism has turned in to being anti-Hindu. This is the country where   anybody is safe but the Hindus. The majority community has been targeted and hurt   time and again. Even when Hindu karsevaks did not kill any one, they were called   “Hindu Militias”.

Godhra carnage

In 2002, the VHP set March 15 as the deadline for construction of temple to begin.   Hundreds of volunteers converged on the site. On February 27, at least 58 people were   killed in Godhra, Gujarat, in an attack on a train carrying Hindu volunteers from   Ayodhya. These people were burnt alive by Muslims. Riots followed in the state and over   1000 people were reported to have died in these riots.

ASI’s report to the High Court

In 2003 the Archaeological Survey of India reported to the high court that its   excavations found distinctive features of a 10th century temple beneath the Babri   Mosque site. The Sunni Central Waqf Board termed the report as ‘vague and self-  contradictory’. The ASI report said there is sufficient proof of existence of a massive and   monumental structure having a minimum dimension of 50×30 metres in north-south   and east-west directions respectively just below the disputed structure.  In July 2005 Islamic militants attacked the disputed site, using a jeep laden with   explosives to blow a hole in the wall of the complex. Security forces killed 6 militants.  On 30 September 2010, Allahabad High Court ruled that the 2,400 square feet disputed   land in Ayodhya will be divided into three parts: the site of the Ramlala idol, Sunni Wakf   Board gets one third and Nirmohi Akhara gets Sita Rasoi and Ram Chabutara.

Structures like Babri masjid are the symbols of subjugation and no self respecting nation   can tolerate such a shame. There have been demolitions of more than 3,000 temples,   fraudulent or forceful conversion of crores of Hindus. This is the time that there should   be a magnificent Ram Mandir which is a right of Hindus. Thousands of temples have   been broken by Muslims all across India, which are not demanded by Hindus. But the   birth place of Lord Ram is the right of Hindus. If Mecca and Madina can not be taken   from Muslims, if the Vatican can not be denied to Christians, then why Ayodhya is   denied to the Hindus?


from François Gautier’s Blog

16Feb 15

The ‘vandalizing’ of churches in New Delhi in the past weeks has been an embarrassment to Mr Modi and his government and has helped to propagate here and abroad the idea that Christians in India are ‘persecuted’.

Firstly, it is necessary to bring about a little bit of a historical flashback, which very few foreign correspondents (and unfortunately also Indian journalists) care to do, which would make for a more balanced view of the problem… …If ever there was persecution, it was of the Hindus at the hands of Christians, who were actually welcomed in this country, as they have been welcomed in no other place in this Planet. Indeed, the first Christian community of the world, that of the Syrian Christians, was established in Kerala in the first century; they were able to live in peace and practice their religion freely, even imbibing some of the local Hindu customs, until the Jesuits came in the 16th century and told them it was “heathen” to have anything to do with the Hindus, thereby breaking the Syrian Church in two.
When, Vasco de Gama, landed in Kerala in 1498, he was generously received by Zamorin, the Hindu king of Calicut, who granted him the right to establish warehouses for commerce. But once again, Hindu tolerance was exploited and the Portuguese wanted more and more: in 1510, Alfonso de Albuquerque seized Goa, where he started a reign of terror, burning “heretics”, crucifying Brahmins, using false theories to forcibly convert the lower castes, razing temples to build churches upon them and encouraging his soldiers to take Indian mistresses. Indeed, the Portuguese perpetrated here some of the worst atrocities ever committed in Asia by Christianity upon another religion. Ultimately, the Portuguese had to be kicked out of India, when all other colonisers had already left.
British missionaries in India were always supporters of colonialism; they encouraged it and their whole structure was based on “the good Western civilised world being brought to the Pagans”. Because, in the words of Claudius Buccchanan, a chaplain attached to the East India Company, “neither truth, nor honesty, honour, gratitude, nor charity, is to be found in the breast of a Hindoo”! What a comment about a nation that gave the world the Vedas, at a time when Europeans were still grappling in their caves! And it is in this way that the British allowed entire chunks of territories in the East, where lived tribals, whose poverty and simplicity, made them easy preys to be converted to Christianity. By doing so, the Christian missionaries cut a people from their roots and tradition, made them look westwards towards a culture and a way of life which was not theirs. And the result is there today for everyone to see: it is in these eastern States, some of which are 90% Christians, that one finds the biggest drug problems (and crime) in India. It should also be said that many of the eastern separatist movements have been covertly encouraged by Christian missionaries on the ground that “tribals were there before the ‘Aryan Hindus’ invaded India and imposed Hinduism upon on them”. The trouble is that the latest archeological and linguistic discoveries point out to the fact that there never was an Aryan invasion of India – it just was an invention of the British and the missionaries to serve their purpose.

Secondly, Christianity has always striven on the myth of persecution, which in turn bred “martyrs” and saints, indispensable to the propagation of Christianity. But it is little known, for instance, that the first “saints” of Christianity, “martyred” in Rome, a highly refined civilization, which had evolved a remarkable system of Gods and Goddesses, some of whom were derived from Hindu mythology via the Greeks, were actually killed (a normal practice in those days), while bullying peaceful Romans to embrace the “true” religion, in the same way that later Christian missionaries will browbeat “heathen” Hindus, adoring many Gods, into believing that Jesus was the only “true” God.
Most if the incidents of ‘persecution’ of Christians in India are between converted tribals versus non-converted tribals, clashes of pent-up jealousies, of old village feuds and land disputes. It is also an outcome of what – it should be said – are the aggressive methods of the Pentecost and seventh Adventists missionaries, known for their muscular ways of converting.

Thirdly, conversions in India by Christian missionaries of low caste Hindus and tribals are sometimes nothing short of fraudulent and shameful. American missionaries are investing huge amounts of money in India, which come from donation drives in the United States where gullible Americans think the dollars they are giving go towards uplifting “poor and uneducated Indians”. It is common in Kerala, for instance, particularly in the poor coastal districts, to have “miracle boxes” put in local churches: the gullible villager writes out a paper mentioning his wish: a fishing boat, a loan for a pukka house, fees for the son’s schooling… And lo, a few weeks later, the miracle happens ! And of course the whole family converts, making others in the village follow suit… American, Australian or British missionaries (and their Governments) would like us to believe that democracy includes the freedom to convert by any means. But France for example, a traditionally Christian country, has a Minister who is in charge of hunting down “sects”. And by sects, it is meant anything that does not fall within the recognised family of Christianity – even the Church of Scientology, favored by some Hollywood stars such as Tom Cruise or John Travolta, is ruthlessly hounded. And look at what the Americans did to the Osho movement in Arizona, or how innocent children and women were burnt down by the FBI (with the assistance of the US army) in Waco Texas, because they belonged to a dangerous sect.

Did you know that the Christianity is dying in the West ? Not only church attendance is falling dramatically because spirituality has deserted it, but less and less youth find the vocation to become priests or nuns. And as a result, say in the rural parts of France, you will find only one priest for six or seven villages, whereas till the late seventies the smallest hamlet had its own parish priest. And where is Christianity finding new priests today ? In the Third World, of course ! And India, because of the innate impulsion of its people towards God, is a very fertile recruiting ground for the Church, particularly in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Hence the huge attention that India is getting from the United States, Australia, or England and the massive conversion drive going on today. It is sad that Indians, once converted, specially the priests and nuns, tend to turn against their own country and help in the conversion drive. There are very few “White” missionaries left in India and most of the conversions are done today by Indian priests. A few years back, during the Bishop’s conference in Bangalore, it was restated by bishops and priests from all over India, that conversion is the FIRST priority of the Church here. But are the priests and Bishops aware that they would never find in any western country the same freedom to convert that they take for granted in India ? Do they know that in China they would be expelled, if not put into jail ? Do they realize that they have been honored guests in this country for nearly two thousand years and that they are betraying those that gave them peace and freedom ? Hinduism, the religion of tolerance, the coming spirituality of this new millennium, has survived the unspeakable barbarism of wave after wave of Muslim invasions, the insidious onslaught of Western colonialism which has killed the spirit of so may Third World countries and the soul-stifling assault of Nehruvianism. But will it survive the present Christian offensive ?

Many Hindu religious leaders feel that Christianity is a real threat today, as in numerous ways it is similar to Hinduism, from which Christ borrowed so many concepts (see Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s book: “ Hinduism and Christianity”).. It is thus necessary that Indian themselves become more aware of the danger their culture and unique civilisation is facing at the hands of missionaries sponsored by foreign money. It is also necessary that they stop listening to the Marxist- influenced English newspapers’ defense of the right of Christian missionaries to convert innocent Hindus. Conversion belongs to the times of colonialism. We have entered in the era of Unity, of coming together, of tolerance and accepting each other as we are – not of converting in the name of one elusive “true” God. When Christianity will accept the right of other people to follow their own beliefs and creeds, the only will Jesus Christ’s Spirit truly radiate in the world.