Celebrate National Yoga Month with Free Yoga Classes!

Did you know that September is National Yoga Month? Unlike National Taco Day, this is an official holiday with lots of cool events happening in celebration (nothing against tacos, as they also deserve celebration). The video above is from a few years ago and features Yoga Month founder Johannes Fisslingers talking about the vision behind Yoga Month.

What sets National Yoga Month apart from National Taco Day, is that the Department of Health and Human Services endorses Yoga Month, and the nonprofit organization, Yoga Health Foundation, has all sorts of yoga events planned to help promote yoga for better physical and mental health. Here’s a tweet from the National Institutes of Health to kick off this month of yoga goodness:

Yoga Health Foundation has partnered with over 1,600 yoga studios in the U.S. to offer a free week of yoga to new students. You can sign up for your free week of yoga here. After you fill in your contact information, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can look up participating studios in your area and select the one where you want to take your free classes.
More Ways to Celebrate
The easiest way to celebrate National Yoga Month is to just do some yoga! Stop, drop and do your favorite pose. If you’re new to yoga, try one of these simple yoga poses for beginners to get you started. These are basic poses and yoga breathing exercises that anyone can do.

National Yoga Month is a great excuse to mix up your yoga routine a bit. Doing the same practice in the same space every day can get a bit monotonous, but making even a simple change can refresh your yoga routine. Change the venue or try a different style of yoga this month. Do you usually do yoga at home? Take a class at a studio or practice outdoors. Is vinyasa your yoga style of choice? Give kundalini yoga a try.

Adults aren’t the only ones who can celebrate National Yoga Month. Your kids might like getting in on the yoga action! Find a parent-child yoga class, or try a kid-friendly yoga video. Even toddlers can do a little bit of yoga. My two-year-old son loves practicing at home with the Cosmic Kids yoga videos. They’re free on YouTube!

Even your dog might enjoy a little yoga. Maybe that’s what she’s been trying to tell you when she interrupts your home practice to lick your face! Dog yoga might sound a little bit wackadoo, but “doga” is a thing. And it’s a fun, bonding activity that you and your dog can do together. Dogs, like humans, can get a lot out of yoga.

Yoga Health Foundation also has a database of other Yoga Month events that you can search by city or zip code. Not all of these events are free, but there are some really cool things coming up this month in the world of yoga that are worth your time and health!

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/celebrate-national-yoga-month-with-free-yoga-classes.html#ixzz3lDooccvQ


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