Pakistan has lost international support on Kashmir: Husain Haqqani

“Kashmir is an emotive issue in Pakistan because of the failure of its leaders to inform their people that Pakistan no longer enjoys international support on the matter,” said Husain Haqqani, former Pakistani Ambassador to the US.

According to Haqqani, who is currently the director of South and Central Asia at the Hudson Institute, India refuses to discuss the Kashmir issue without the end of Pakistan-sponsored terror.

Whereas, he said, Pakistan for years has been trapped on its stance on the Kashmir issue, thus overlooking other crucial matters. “Pakistan has sought international support countless times for its position that Kashmir’s future must be resolved through dialogue with India.”

“Instead of accepting that it might be better for India and Pakistan to normalise relations by expanding trade and cross-border travel, Pakistani hardliners have stuck to a ‘Kashmir first’ mantra, which they know is unrealistic,” Haqqani reiterated.

Further, he expressed his belief that remaining adamant on Kashmir is futile and will only get Pakistan support from its military.


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