Stalling India

On the night of August 10 Barkha Dutt was vociferously asking BJP member OP Sharmawhy he had called Alka Lamba a “drug addict”. The man replied that the behaviour of Lamba at his sweet shop made him believe she was “under influence” of some drug or alcohol. It’s a hyperbolic answer but what is interesting is that the questions were being directed at Sharma instead of to the one who committed the crime. Alka Lamba, for whatever her problems in life, had no business barging into a shop and damaging cash registers and other items. This Goondagiri first started in the media as an attack on her (with which she later played victim with frivolous fake bandages) till the CCTV exposed both Lamba and the media. Just imagine what would have happened if the CCTV footage wasn’t available:
1. Alka Lamba CCTV

The woman claims she was hit by a stone on her head. Though no major injuries were visible in the pics circulated on Twitter she bandaged herself and refused to undergo a medical test offered by the Delhi Police. And she also claimed her vandalism was reaction to her injury. Seriously, if one gets injured he or she would attack property inside a shop? One would have thought Arvind Kejriwal & Co. would be more sober after getting a huge majority in the Delhi assembly. On the contrary, their MLAs seem to indulge in more lawlessness than ever before. Here’s what MJ Akbar wrote sometime back and Iquoted him earlier too:
2. MJAkbar AK chaos

AK is less interested in delivering on promises (500 schools, colleges, more hospitals, power, water etc.) and is now talking mundane crap like getting a Film City in Delhi. The AAP hunger for more and more power to be concentrated in their hands is never-ending. The greed is insatiable. Confrontation with LG, PM and others seem to be the order of their lives. At another corner, former member of AAP, Yogendra Yadav, was on his own trip of street agitations with tractors. One doesn’t really know what his problem in life is either – other than being out of news for long.
RahulKanwal Kabrastan

The media also went on another trip of kicking and screaming over the hanging of Yakub Memon as if India had hanged a freedom fighter or hero. The I&B ministry has sent notices to a few channels on their coverage of the event. Although this may not amount to much it is clear that a new regulatory body is a must. Self-regulation by media is as much nonsense as Tihar prisoners wanting to have their own set of wardens from among the inmates. Rahul Kanwal of India Today even relays message on behalf of the terrorist to assemble at his funeral, with the time, while agencies are keeping a watch. If this is not inciting some kind of untoward incident or violence, what is it? This, and others, claim GOI is imposing another Emergency on media. This cannot pass under any journalistic license. I don’t see why inciters like Rahul Kanwal shouldn’t be arrested:
3. MC Rahul Sushma Fin

The idea is to create a climate of chaos in the country – to make the world believe that India has gone into deep disrepair under a new dispensation when the facts indicate otherwise. That was AAP which is now in power in Delhi; imagine when they’re out of power. In another corner of Delhi, the two ChineseGandhis are doing more than all these put together to ensure India doesn’t move forward, India doesn’t get reforms and are doing all they can to stall India through their rioting in the Parliament. They don’t have any genuine cause to disrupt parliament. Even as they claimSushma-Lalit Modi is an issue, it certainly doesn’t warrant such extended disruption of parliament. The only thing hanging in the balance for Congress is the bruised ego ofSoniaG and her duffer son RahulG. The major political and electoral losses the Congress has suffered in the last year or so has left this duo clueless on how to revive the party. Sample this nonsense from the little moron:
4. LS Bills Pending

Pappu says SS must reveal her financial transactions with Lalit Modi. And the BJP or SS are supposed to answer such stupid, imaginary nonsense? If he has any information, it is for RG to table that and demand answers. There were many media reports on billions worth of assets of SoniaG. The Congress and its lawyers worked hard to have those articles deleted when there isn’t any such article published yet about SS or her financial deals with Lalit Modi. So these bogus excuses are used by Sonia and Rahul to stall the parliament. And the headless wonder even calls SS a “criminal” for no reason other than empty blabber. I have no hesitation in making this statement:

“Sonia and Rahul want India to fail”

They want India to fail because of their extreme contempt for Narendra Modi and their unbearable loss of power at the Centre and in many key states. Of course, the poor, the farmers and all are just there for them to exploit not to serve. They are behaving like monkeys whose bananas have been taken away. One can find many faults with the GOI but not one single issue claimed by the Congress is really worth holding up the parliament for. And the objective is simple – don’t allow any Bills to be passed. And I have stated this many times earlier SoniaG doesn’t want any Bills to be passed whatsoever. And her duffer son, who is mostly abroad, goes around and agitates with FTII students or some group while ignoring dying farmers in the Congress state of Karnataka. Beyond street-theatre these two have nothing to offer to our parliament or to our country. They offered nothing to our parliament even when Congress was in power. Here is a summary of some major Bills held up in parliament, of a total of 64:
5. Jaitley Blame Sonia

On August 10 Arun Jaitley slammed the Chair in Rajya Sabha on the latter’s inability to conduct the House properly. It is true that both Kurien and Ansari have not shown the slightest wish to discipline the house. The LS Speaker at least took the step of suspending 25 rioting members of Congress. I use the term rioting for these members because they weren’t at their seats shouting and protesting. They had carried placards like a street rally into the Well of the house. This is nothing short of rioting on a daily basis. They did so even when a Bhutanese delegation was in parliament to witness proceedings. And the BJP has an equal amount of blame to share because they have all along treated these ChineseGandhis with kid-gloves and ignored how vicious and vindictive they really are. It is time that the PM and his party realised that these folks are only interested in their favourite “poison” called power. Without power, they have shown what gutter-levels they can stoop to. If the BJP has made a start then they must continue exposing the misdeeds of these Gandhis every week.

Now then, the question that comes up in mind is why these Gandhis are into such belligerent, lumpen behaviour. I have no doubts whatsoever that some of the Congress MPs and other members of the party would be embarrassed by their churlish behaviour. I consider SoniaG the “Congotri” of corruption which has destroyed India. Many other actions of hers which were anti-majority have also caused social ruptures in a decade. In rioting the way these two Gandhis do like spoilt kids what do they lose? NOTHING!They lose nothing but they are making sure India loses a lot.

Since the LS2014 verdict there isn’t much by the way of electoral victories to show for the Congress. And what is in store in the near future for Congress? The upcoming elections in Bihar this year, Bengal next year and even UP in 2017 have absolutely a SIBAL in store for Congress. They have no stakes in these states and they know it well. Last time in Bihar they got a high of 4 seats. So even as these Gandhis know public opinion is turning against them for destroying the parliament they know they have nothing to lose and absolutely nothing to win. That drives their motivation to agitate and disrupt and ensure no bills are passed in parliament. They probably hope the public will forget all this in 2-3 years. I estimate this nonsense will not last forever. Already the SP and some other parties have seen through the fraudulent disruptions and backed away from the Congress. As public anger grows it will be the Gandhis who will pay the most. Of course, they have no stake in India’s progress as their behaviour has shown. The only objective with which they work now is stalling India. That devious motive is destined to bring more failures to them.


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