Pure vegetarian Gujarati kidney!

AHMEDABAD: Anita Gharat (42), battling for life since 2007 waiting for a kidney, got a new lease of life after she received an organ for transplant on Friday.

Post surgery, not only Anita but her entire family that loves to eat their ‘masa cha rasa’ (Maharashtrian fish curry) will turn vegetarian!

This is an interesting tale of vegetarianism from Gujarat — the only state in the world where Pizza Hut opened its first vegetarian joint in respect of dietary sensibilities of the people.

The family of Rita Desai (57), who was declared brain dead after a road accident, decided to donate all her organs — two kidneys, liver and eyes. While one kidney was donated to a 12-year-old Gujarati boy, Anita was identified as the other recipient whose blood group matched.

When Rita’s family came to know that Anita was non-vegetarian, they had only one request to make. “We told them Rita was very spiritual all her life and followed Jain religion steadfastly. We told Anita that Rita’s soul would be at peace if she can give up non-veg food after transplant. The family respected our sentiment and has vowed to turn vegetarians,” said Dilip Shah, Rita’s brother.

“Anita has two young daughters and was on the waiting list since 2007. This donation will give life to the young mother,” kidney transplant surgeon Dr Ketan Shukla said.
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