Our national security is in jeopardy

Ashali Varma

I am truly scared for my country. Our police and armed forces are being compromised by bleeding heart liberals from the media and the Congress party that seem to be on Pakistan’s side. We don’t need the ISI anymore we have enough people who will compromise our first line of defence — our police and our soldiers trying to fight terrorism on our soil. They are the ones who are killed daily along with the common man. VIP’s like Digvijay Singh, Salman Khan and Shashi Tharoor amongst many others are well-protected and never have to fear for their lives.

For example how many parliamentarians were killed when our parliament was attacked? None.

The perpetrators were Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed from Pakistan no doubt aided by the ISI and the state. The attack led to the deaths of five terrorists, six Delhi police personnel, two Parliament Security Service personnel and a gardener, in total 14.

Take the 1993 bomb blasts in Mumbai: nearly 300 people dead and how many VIP’s like Tharoor or Salman? None.

How many security personnel? Many but the statistics are not given as the lives of security personnel are not important to the media or the VIPs.

Wikipedia reports: On 11 July 2006, the chief minister of Maharashtra during the blasts, Sharad Pawar, admitted, on record, that he had “deliberately misled” people following the 1993 Mumbai blasts by saying there were “12 and not 11″ explosions, adding the name of a Muslim-dominated locality to show that people from both communities had been affected. He tried to justify this deception by claiming that it was a move to prevent communal riots by falsely portraying that both Hindu and Muslim communities in the city had been affected adversely. He also admits to lying about evidence recovered and misleading people into believing that some of it pointed to the Tamil Tigers as possible suspects.

So do our politicians cater to vested interests? Yes. And in the process do they damage the reputation of the security forces? Yes

For example: A couple of years ago a very senior police officer was shot and killed by a terrorist in Delhi when the officer, tipped off by intelligence, went to arrest him. What did the Congress party do? They said it was an encounter killing. What can the police to do? They are damned if they don’t arrest suspects and damned if they do. While the arrest is taking place and terror suspects gun down our security forces with impunity, they must not shoot first, they need to verify if the shooter is really a terrorist first.

Is this some kind of cruel joke? Do our VIPs even think about how they are handing India to Pakistan on a platter?

Should such people not be arrested for sedition? Is their freedom of speech more important than the lives of our soldiers and policemen? Are are they even aware of how much damage they are doing to the morale of our soldiers and police force? Is the first line of defence supposed to be sitting ducks?

Finally, are the human rights of ordinary citizens not a concern for our bleeding heart liberals? Will they make a pact with the devil to appease some people? Not if like in Israel they too had to do a stint in the army to defend our country. I really do feel that every politician, film actor and media person — in fact every Indian should be made to spend just six months training and serving with our armed forces. They should feel vulnerable while manning posts that are constantly attacked by militants from Pakistan. I wonder if they will ask the terrorist coming at them:

“Before I shoot you I would like to know if you are really from Pakistan or just a local with an attitude. You see I am a politician and very concerned about your human rights.”

KPS Gill, the iconic director general of police who brought the Punjab insurgency under control, wrote recently in the Indian Express that Punjab was being compromised again. The attack by militants in Dinanagar is just the tip of an iceberg. The fact is that the terrorists sent by Pakistan are better armed than our police. And even though the Khalistan problem has been tackled, Pakistan is not sitting idle. In fact with the help of local politicians billions of dollars of drugs have been pushed into Punjab creating a massive addiction problem. Every family has young men wasting away from drug addiction, while politicians in Punjab are raking in billions. This is how Indians sell out to the highest bidder even if it is to a country that wants to bleed us with a thousand cuts.

Yes, thanks to the seditious elements in our country, which sadly includes media persons, politicians and movie stars our soldiers and policemen are killed on daily basis, while the so-called VIPs have Z- plus security. They can afford to mollycoddle terrorists; their lives are never on the line; they are protected by the very people they rail against. Is this not the greatest irony?

I think it is time the security of such VIPs should be taken away. What would India lose if they got attacked? How vital are they to our national security? Just ask the average man on the street.



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