Teesta Rudaalis

“Just in case we forget this same Teesta in a way justified the Godhra burning of 59 Hindus with this comment on the day of the incident:  “While I condemn today’s gruesome attack, you cannot pick up an incident in isolation. Let us not forget the provocation. These people were not going for a benign assembly. They were indulging in blatant and unlawful mobilization to build a temple and deliberately provoke the Muslims in India.” So because they Hindus were assembling for the temple the Muslims were provoked and were justified in the burning of people. It is such sick logic that results in the kind of backlash that Godhra brought about”.

1. SreeniJain Teesta

That is what I wrote in “Hasta La Teesta.. Baby” in my epitaph to one of the most communal, hate-mongering woman I have ever seen in the public domain. When the Bombay HC lifted the stay on her arrest all the top lawyers of Congress rushed to the SC to get her bail over phone calls and video conferencing. That the woman is so important to Congress signifies her misdeeds over the past 13 years. Her financial misdeeds are now in the public domain so we need not go into all that again. What should shock us is that till the other day our media criminals were screaming CBI, CBI, CBI over the Vyapam scam. But they have problems with CBI acting against Teesta Setalvad. First, let’s see some responses to the CBI raid on Teesta’s home and offices on July 14. Here’s Sreenivasan Jain, Con-Journo par excellence:

5. Sagarika Teesta

Make a good note. Jain argues that it is mere “financial impropriety” so the action by CBI is heavy handed. So these crooks in the media will decide what is heavy handed and when CBI should raid or not raid on so on. Barkha Dutt reflected the same opinion of this moron – financial irregularities. And she drags in that Sickular Amitav Ghosh (who didn’t want Modi as PM) to comment on the issue while interviewing him:

2. Barkha Teesta Amitav

And she wonders if it needs day long raids by CBI as a quote from Ghosh. These guys will decide how long CBI should raid a person, how many places and so on. As if the duration of the raid determines if it’s genuine or vendetta. To defend their pet criminals these Sickulars will put forward all the dumbest arguments. And Amitav Ghosh is supposedly a public intellectual. Yes indeed; one of many of India’s intellectual morons. Okay! Now remember, this is the same Jain who danced all over when CBI filed bogus cases againstAmit Shah:

4. Shekhar Gupta Teesta

I remember Jain ranting Blackbeard-Whitebeard to implicate both Amit Shah and NaMo. He also came up with a fantastic argument at that time – that Ishrat Jehan and Co had merely come to Gujarat for some “Chota Mota blasts”. So, to these media criminals Chota-Mota blasts are acceptable as long as they are Muslims. Fine! Of course, there is that Wheeler-Dealer of Lutyens – Shekhar Gupta, who once dismissed cases against Teesta as mere “accounting errors”. I am sure Gupta has many such accounting errors in his accounts and therefore can appreciate Teesta’s situation. Here’s what the guy tweeted:

3. MC Sreenivasan AmitShah CBI

Teesta is being crushed? What kind of moronic argument is that? She is protected by the highest court of the land in a flash like no one has ever been before. This Gupta did not once talk or write about the crimes of Teesta or her swindling and he claims he had arguments with her. What arguments? On the options of whether Modi should be killed or jailed? Let’s not forget, there’s that eternal C5M bimbo Sagarika who came up with a fantastic defence:

6. CPM Teesta Protest

Teesta is a bridge builder? Like what? Like Pappu wanted to build a bridge between Bundelkhand and the USA? Such are the moronic utterances of these Rudaalis. Truth is, each one of them knows they are on the wrong foot and are lying through their teeth. But all of them have bathed in the left over dirty water from Teesta’s bathtub and have to defend her in some way or the other. This means even vaguely claiming they had differences with her. Media-scoundrels of the first order! So what’s the real problem?

It must be noted that Teesta was funded by Congress and CPM to campaign against BJP in LS2004 elections and also later against NaMo after the 2002 riots. How did Ford Foundation suddenly find interest in the Teesta couple? Surely, FF doesn’t come knocking at the doors of a political NGO unless the political bosses put in a good word. And you know well who put in that good word to carry out the campaign against NaMo. And is it all just financial irregularity? If that were the case then CBI need not have been involved at all. Local investigating agencies and ED could have imposed some fines and settled it. But that is hardly the case with Teesta.

First of all, why did the CBI have to get involved at all? If Teesta had cooperated with the Gujarat police in investigations and provided documents then there would have been no need for CBI at all. But Teesta dodged the Gujarat police for years. She is an “Inter-state” crime-accused. She commits her crimes in Gujarat and hides in her hole in Mumbai where Gujarat police do not have jurisdiction. She files petitions in Mumbai HC to dodge Gujarat police. And that is the reason CBI had to be involved since they have national jurisdiction.

And what are the many crimes of Teesta? According to the SIT on Gujarat2002, she had filed many fake affidavits from those claiming to be victims of the riots. The Naroda residents have claimed she defrauded them. FCRA violations or mere financial irregularities are quite different from defrauding the public. Our media criminals refuse to recognise this. And the Sickular Commies from media and politics have also organised a grand protest for Teesta over what they call “harassment”:

The motive for all these Teesta Rudaalis is simple: If Teesta is indicted and later found guilty by a court then they all will stand guilty of carrying out the most vicious and malicious campaign against one man based on lies, fraudulent documents and fraudulent transfer and misuse of funds. All of them have used Teesta as their frontline foot-soldier in their political campaign. Teesta even led Zakia Jaffri up a garden path to target Modi and Modi alone and the old lady is now left in tatters wondering if she got justice. All of these Teesta Rudaalis have scavenged on the death and misery of the riot victims and their familes. Their chest-beating and wailing has only started now. Let them mourn!



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