Modern Sepoy Army

Rajiv Malhotra

Like the prior ones, the modern sepoys of the likes of Pankaj Mishra, Devdutt Patnaik, Ananya Vajpeyi, Aatish Taseer and others, can be: very sharp, intelligent, articulate, courageous, outspoken. But unlike before, the ‘strategy’ has new qualities given below:

1. Unlike sepoys of the past, these new sepoys are Sanskrit educated in USA by the likes of Hawley, Sheldon Pollock, Wendy Doniger, Witzel and a dozen other PhD factories.

2. In return, they get their mentors like Pollock big awards by Indian govt — ‘Padam Shree’ for Sheldon Pollock about 2 or 3 years back is one example. Also, Narayan Murthy selected Pollock to be editor in chief of his $20 million grant to translate classical Indian works into English. You can imagine which translators he selects and what filters/biases they are required to utilize in their interpretation.

4. Most Indians get fooled because these sepoys can play both sides skilfully (Good Cop-Bad Cop). Ananya looks like a sweet Indian girl who gets sympathy from the “Uncle jis’ and Auntie ji’s” at Indian gatherings. “She is like our beti”, is the type of sympathetic response the NEXUS wants to elicit in deploying such Sepoys. They know the psychology of Indians.

5. About 100 – 250 such Sepoys have been trained at PhD level in the past 15 years in the West, mostly in USA.

6. The raw material is brought to USA from places like JNU and other similar left wing universities, to make sure the person is vulnerable and ready for advanced training and brainwashing.

7. These people are now spread widely in India – universities, media, think tanks (like CSDS), etc.

8. The new govt lacks adequate screening of such folks as they try to sneak into important organizations where they will serve their masters in the West.

9. The game has become far more dangerous. I started monitoring this strategy around year 2000 when I had a big fight with Jack Hawley’s “Indian team” of students at Columbia — all from JNU, all doing PhDs in Hinduism. The reaction from Hindu activists and leaders in USA was pathetic. They had no clue. They came across like a bunch of unsophisticated and uninformed persons not interested in learning what I had to say.

10. My sources inform me that Sringeri mattha is likely to fund several million dollars to help these PhD factories. This is how ignorant our folks are. But who am I in their eyes to listen to? The white scholars are so smooth in impressing the Indian fools, using their skills with Indian languages and culture.

11. Nothing has changed since British colonialism. In fact, the Americans have upgraded their game considerably. Macaulay must be smiling in his grave.


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