Campaigns of calumny:

If you are a collector or buyer or seller of second-hand websites or domain names then I have good news for you. The following domain name has gone into a parking lot and is now available to you:

1. GoDaddy Pheku

If you’re wondering what that website was all about; it was created by the vicious hate-monger Shabnam Hashmi & Co to spew lies against Modi, his colleagues and his supporters. Why? Because they could not combat the powerful force of the Internet Hindus who put out facts on most issues – political, economic and social. The IH combatted the lies and fakery of the Congress and their supporters with great success. And they also started dismantling the lies in Indian history bit by bit. It’s not just me; even the TOI reported the site as “Modi-haters”:

2. TOI Pheku Launch

Since the site is now sick and dead you might wonder what content they posted. They posted all fake pics about Modi and Gujarat and each time the BJP supporters exposed them naked. Some of the stuff they posted is available in this post of mine. Now, surely someone must have funded these idiots. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure who was funding them and their campaign of LIES. When morons cannot battle the IH with facts they resort to lies. It doesn’t cost anything to speak the truth, peddling lies costs money. Having lost LS2014, the IH are now referred to as “Bhakts” – the folks who are devoted admirers and supporters of PM Modi. And according to the Sickular folks these Bhakts, in India or abroad, are a great threat to the nation. They must be destroyed. So what do we do? We do exactly what did; run another campaign of lies.

The Scroungers:

I don’t want Narendra Modi to be my PM” repeated Amartya Sen again a few days ago. A man who was given a phenomenal amount of money, who indulged in nepotism is now whining and complaining about govt interfering in academic freedom. Such is the crass entitlement-culture of Commies who have destroyed India. He is 81, and should have never been given the assignment of re-establishing the glorious Nalanda University. What he created was worse than the ruins of a glorious seat of learning. Far from being an academic, AS has been more into politics and spewing anti-Modi nonsense for years now. When asked to account for funds he threw a tantrum like a 4-year old:

3. Amartya Funds

Such arrogance! That no one can ask him for accountability and he should be able to run an institution like his private kingdom. These are the scroungers who live on public money and then complain about the Bhakts who scoff and troll them for their thuggery. Learned minds like TheJaggi and Minhaz Merchant have written a detailed account of AS’ snobbery and hypocrisy – a man who claims to think about the poor while he lives like a king on public money. And after all his nonsense he claims he quit Nalanda as he didn’t want to obstruct the functioning of the Board. Load of rubbish! His tenure is ending but he should have been SACKED a year ago.

3a. Shanknad Amartya Ahole

But the Sickulars and Commies claim AS is being abused by Twitter trolls and Bhakts who are referred to as fanatics. Fanatics? Abused? So if his hypocrisy, incompetence and irresponsibility are questioned and established with facts that is abuse? That is why I support this tweet that slams the hypocrisy of media:

Even the Sickulars know AS is nothing more than a scrounger but admitting it will amount to confessing their own miserable life of hypocrisy and scrounging on public money. They get PAID to peddle LIES even when facts stare them in the face. Truth costs nothing. He was charged with establishing one single university and he failed and this AS was supposedly a great economist advising GOI. Laughable! And most of his time in India was spent on nothing but spewing political nonsense in print and TV. Can you imagine our IIM directors doing that all the time? And the Bhakts don’t miss the irony either as this Tweeter comically put it:

4. Amartya Greece

The Scaredy Chicks:

Imagine if Sachin Tendulkar had refused to play a Test series against Australia because Glenn McGrath was constantly bowling around the off-stump and Shane Warne was making huge turns from the leg stump. What would you think of him?

You don’t get to pick your opponents! You don’t get to pick umpires!

But that’s not how it works for the “Scaredy Chicks” in the Sickular media and establishment. There is a usual set of Commie pimps, which I often refer to as G-37, which floats around channels like experts to offer the same mundane nonsense night after night. Some exceptions in the G-37 are people like Swapan Dasgupta, Ashok Malik and so on who are BJP members or sympathisers. But the little “Nehru Dumplings” are scared of even this evident minority in public discourse. Here’s little Hartosh Singh Bal getting all worked up over SwapanD being invited to share a “Nehru platform”:

5. Hartosh Excl Swapan

Look at the group of Congress cronies assembled by the organisers for this discussion on Nehru – There’s MSAiyar, Kumar Ketkar, Aakar Patel and Bal. All of them are described as “Eminent”. Eminent what? Eminent bootlickers? All of them are anti-Modi (and among these MSA is the most filthy abuser in public but he’s a darling for them) but Bal has a problem with SwapanD being on the forum because he is sympathetic to the current govt and so on. That is his fear? Obviously, Bal is incapable of combating SD on issues with logic and so the whining excuses to ban him. On SM this is what Bhakts do to the moron Sickulars and when the Sickos cannot combat them with facts or equal amount of ridicule or sarcasm they cry “ abuse” and play victim. Sob! Sob! And these bitchy Sickos are not anti-Modi on some issue or policy, they are genetically anti-Hindu and connect Modi with that. They screamed against Yoga, they call SwachBharat a nautanki and there are extreme scumbaginis who even ranted against the simple, innocuous idea of #SelfieWithDaughter.

They first indulge in fake bravado, indulge in chest-thumping and when they get knocked out by the Bhakts, they cry “Mummmmmyyy… abuse, abuse”. I can only laugh! And here’s the duffer Bal who even wants to ridicule Modi’s launch of DD Kisan out of sheer ignorance:

So little Bal thought Modi took a year to announce DDKisan in May this year when he was actually “launching” it and the announcement was made last year in July 2014. Oh well! If you point out his fact-less stupidity and prejudiced mind – You are abusing him! The MSM as whole and a good number of jaundiced individuals in the media have been exposed over and over again for their lies, misquotes, spin and what not. They are tired! They don’t know how to deal with these pests called “Bhakts”. Post LS2014 they have even lost their relevance with the govt as there are no freebies, no joyrides and no Golgappas. Every night they collect some 4-5 panellists to trash 1 or 2 BJP panellists out of sheer frustration. And on the SM they continue to be battered. Desperate situations call for desperate measures – Time to call in a guy to do the WhackJob.

The English Hitman:

In just the previous post I had mentioned about the continuous hitjobs being carried out by NDTV and TimesNow against certain BJP ministers. And there are now vigilantes and Twitter-police to do hitjobs on the Bhakts on Twitter and SM. As with the case of thatPheku site such operations are not free – somebody funds them to carry out the hitjobs. But they needed a convert to peddle lies through a bigger vehicle. So enterChetan Bhagat with a blog in TOI slamming Bhakts as abusers, trolls, poor in English and so on. He even adds that girls like dating boys who speak good English. Profound! And that these Bhakts are “sexually frustrated males” who can’t speak English so they attack and abuse on SM. Just one collection of tweets is enough to tell you how moronic CB is that he overturns everything he has said in the last five years or so:

Such a dramatic U-turn to trash those who don’t speak English cannot be without a price. CB is a successful writer and I always wish any writer to be successful. But so far the Commie-liberal clan scoffed at him and his writings. They thought lowly of him and probably gave him an inferiority complex. His publishers are the “Desi” Rupa Publications whereas in contrast even the C5M has publishers like Harper Collins. CB would hardly get invited to LitterFests and even there the Scotch Circuit would have made him feel inferior. He wasn’t part of the “in crowd”. I can’t put my finger on it but something must have snapped inside him enough to be lured to the other side and become a moronic Sickular type writer which made him write his stupid blog. None of his claims have any logic, reason or data to back with.

CB probably even expected that the Bhakts will shower abuse on him for writing that article. On the contrary, they just picked up many of his old tweets and articles to show a mirror to him and expose his school-boy idiocy and hypocrisy. CB tasted the same blood that failed Commie-Fiberals have tasted – Facts and quotes from their own history. And why do I estimate this comes with a price? Just read this tweet and you will wonder Mother Teresa has been reincarnated in CB:

Unfortunately, they have already executed Kasab or this moron would have signed the mercy petition for him also. After all, that is the trait of Commie Fiberals – welcome to their world CB! Now, there have to be benefits attached. It is difficult to publish a book in India even otherwise but even harder if you want a top-brand publisher. The doors of those houses are open only to Commie Fiberals – Penguin, Harper-Collins and so on. You cannot get in unless another Commie Fiberal gives you a certificate. Like I said earlier even the C5M has Harper while CB is stuck with Rupa. And international publishers means more copies, including Hard Cover, and invites to international LitterFests, readings and so on.

The best way to find success in this club is to abuse Hindus, call Bhakts generally as abusers, vilify Modi (a stage CB hasn’t reached yet) and you have arrived. Look up most of the Sickular writers – most of them have abused even Hindu Gods and Goddesses to be rewarded with contracts. I wonder if CB wants to go there. To try and make an ordinary point CB abused the entire lot of Modi supporters putting them in one single basket – especially as males. There are many female Bhakts too. CB has added an extra dimension to this as well – he has found Bhakts to be sexually frustrated because they don’t speak English. Haha! Far from abusing CB, the Bhakts retaliated with a collection all his tweets from the past to show a mirror to him. In the end CB ended up the way most Sickulars end up – looking like a thoroughbred field rat drenched in heavy rain.


So called Bhakts do not occupy space in the MSM – neither in print nor on TV. Yet, the most whining and abuses come from the MSM. In one stroke Chetan Bhagat abused all the so called Bhakts. He even assumes Bhakts are only males, which is a moronic preclusion. There are many women who are Bhakts too. Sitting on the perch of their media platform these criminals abuse everyone including the PM as this article from NDTV after a group of Tweeple met the PM:

You call your opponents Bhakts, Trolls and whatever you want but as a media house you even ridicule the PM for holding an event with a group of people? How deep is your hatred? What kind of upbringing do these criminals have? And there are abusers from across the spectrum – BJP, Congress, AAP and so on. The problem is that the MSM goons are AAPCong doormats and the MSM has not been able to withstand the scrutiny by SM. Their lies are being systematically dismantled every single day. The other undeniable fact is a vast majority of the so-called Bhakts are Hindus, most of them decently educated and many of them very highly educated. They are able to dissect the nonsense of MSM or their opponents on SM, put it out, add a dash of humour and sarcasm which their opponents are unable to combat. And when they are unable to combat this they start playing victim and finally claim abuse. It doesn’t work anymore.

9. NDTV PM Twt trolls

In their quest to retain their Commie culture the Sickulars have not even spared Hindu Gods and Goddesses. They have abused Ram, Sita, Ganesh and other icons and the Bhakts are expected to tolerate their nonsense? One Commie Pig even equated Yoga with dog postures. I know an extremely abusive female journo who couldn’t win a Twitter battle with a man. She went on to stalk the TL of his daughter and abuse the young girl. Other Sickos have even brought in employers of some people. Such is the viciousness of the Sickos. The awful truth is that since the LS2014 elections the Sickular folks have faced more defeats and are facing a serious crisis of identity. There is a pattern in this coordinated attack on the “Bhakts” and someone or some entity is surely pouring a huge amount of funds into it. They probably fear their survival and thus all the signs of Bhaktophobia emanating from them.


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