On Pakistan, Terrorism, Insurgencies and Treason


Ask a foreign friend what he makes of the recent Masrat-Geelani traitor rally and the response is a sardonic smile and says this is your internal matter, but the eyes convey the message what is wrong with you guys? Let us face it that if such sedition was on display in China and Pakistan, they would have faced the firing squad years back and their kith and kin would have vanished. Yes, you would say that China is a communist country and Pakistan being under indirect army rule is no democracy, while we are. But then how would you view such a happening say in the USA? Ever followed American bloggers describing Predator attacks within the country against US citizens, leave action by the NSA and others? The fact is that it would be difficult to lay the finger on another country tolerating the flag of another country being waived on its own soil with subversive and seditious sermons. Nehru’s ingenious gifts (ulterior motives?) to J&K of Article 370 and a separate Constitution to J&K despite protests by Sardar Patel notwithstanding, even these don’t leave scope for treason.

The fact that the Home Minister had to speak to Mufti, Chief Minister of J&K to act speaks volumes by itself. But despite that, Mufti’s statement that law will take its own course has been followed up by placing few of these traitors under house arrest. For such acts, any other country would have put these fellows in solitary confinement with all outside communications cut off. Here these protégés of Pakistan’s ISI will continue to communicate with their mentors in Pakistan and continue to spew venom against India and plan their next moves in conjunction their Delhi based councilor Abdul Basit. That we have not even hacked the blog of Geelani all these years despite his continuing anti-India agenda based on falsifications is another issue.  The traitors rally may well have been planned on Pakistan Day celebrations under Basit. And, we had the idiocy of forcing a former army chief to attend a congregation of traitors in the mission of a country that is hell bent to balkanise or at best destabilise India.

What would be the response of Pakistan to this business of the rally and house arrest other than the rabid mullah Hafiz Saeed declaring his support? Obviously they would be laughing all the way home. Apprehended Pakistani infiltrators as early as 1989-90 openly confessed at the joint interrogation centre at Srinagar that while they were trained, armed and financed by the ISI-military, directive to them was to get into J&K, kill as many infidels and enjoy as many women of J&K. But more importantly, they were told that in the event of them getting apprehended, no lawyer in J&K would fight against them, they would be looked after in prison and soon India’s human rights brigade would get them released. So, what has Pakistan gained in the context of the recent episode? The rally was permitted, and it is not possible that the State Government did not know in advance what was going to happen. So the message to the youth in the Valley was conveyed in unambiguous terms as planned. House arrest permits communications with all and sundry, plus conniving for future seditious events to raise the frenzy in the youth, particularly the unemployed – continuing psychological operations.

Mufti’s reaction was more than anticipated. As the Union Home Minister he was rumoured to have stage managed the abduction of his elder daughter Rubaiya Saeed. But even if that was not the case, though mentioned by Wikipedia, he arranged the exchange of hard core militants for release of Rubaiya. The younger sibling even when electioneering in 2001 sported known Hijbul Mujahideen as bodyguards. His openly thanking Pakistan on becoming Chief Minster this time says it all. It would not be surprising if he was paying protection money to terrorist organisations for his own and kin’s safety before becoming Chief Minister. Witness the release of Masrat, passing on the blame to proceedings in the case during Omar Abdullah government. Not that Omar was not in league with radicals. Remember his guffawing off the two fellows waiving the ISIS flags and not arresting them? For that matter, has Mufti arrested the fellows waiving the Pakistani flag during the recent rally that are explicitly recognisable in the TV coverage? One can safely they would have not been arrested.

What India fails to appreciate is that it is not only the loss of East Pakistan that the Pakistani Military is smarting under. The fact is that such has been the legacy of Zia ul Haq, Ayub and Musharraf that they have not won a single war, have had Osama bin Laden snatched from under their protective cover (remember late Benazir Bhutto’s remark that Osama is in the backyard of Musharraf) and are now tasting their own medicine for spawning and supporting terrorist organisations. But such is the lure for power and money that Gilgit-Baltistan has been gifted to China (50 years or more?) and Balochistan is to follow suit – talk of national pride and sovereignty! So these nonsensical proxy wars against India and Afghanistan are not going to stop, no matter what the cost to Pakistani public. Proxy forces are earmarked separately for operating across the western and eastern borders. In our case, the LeT, JeM JuD and HuM lead the pack with Hafiz Saeed and Lakhvi as advisors of Raheel Sharif and Zaheer ul Islam, Pakistan’s army and ISI chiefs respectively.  J&K is reeking in corruption and nexus of the PDP and NC with radicals is quite apparent with successive NIA reports detailing how terrorism is being funded in J&K. While Geelani and Co continue to feast on the bone marrow and curry provided by the ISI, hopefully our IB is not continuing to fund these separatists, that to without reference to the army, as was happening during the Congress regime. And hopefully, we don’t have people in the government machinery who are under ISI blackmail having used hawala, as was also the case earlier.

Our Pakistan policy certainly needs a clear cut and sustained approach in backdrop of the fact that Pakistan will not only not give up its proxy war, it will make every effort to raise the level. As important is the need to review and institutionalise separation of ‘Law and Order’ from acts of ‘Terrorism’, ‘Insurgencies’ and ‘Treason’, last three being directed at the Union of India. Lackadaisical approach to these promotes them and adversely impacts our national security. These should no more be left to individual states. The Centre absolving itself of such responsibilities cannot claim the slogan ‘India First’. In the instant case, the least that should have happened is that these traitors should have been moved to unannounced prisons outside J&K to prevent their merry-making and enjoying treason, to drive home a clear message. We also need to think what to do about our presstitutes who are providing unending publicity to these traitors. In his article ‘The Presstitute Files’ dated April 15, Rakesh Krishnan Simha, a New Zealand journalist who has worked in Indian media for considerable number of years, has specifically named some of these  presstitutes albeit he misses out the fellow spreading canards of army coups. Not bringing them to heel would be inimical to our national interests. That one of these fellows was brought to do their bidding by the erstwhile government through a Rs 100 crore defamation suit is just one pointer.



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